A never seen before photo of literally tons of barrel backs all together! _ Photo Steve Natale

A never seen before photo of literally tons of barrel backs all together! – Photo Steve Natale

What can be said other than just…WOW! This years big Tahoe Concours d’Elegance has started, and man o man a chevitz, its stunning. With a massive collection of Barrel Backs in a historic setting is PERFECT! This year the big event takes place down, the lake from Sierra Boat Co. to Obexer’s Boat Company one of the, if not the oldest Marina on the lake, with a rich history of mahogany goodness. This year we are fortunate enough that Don Ayers, Hamster and Steve Natale have sent in some early shots of the event getting set.

photo Steve Natale

photo Steve Natale

Also, for the first time in history.. I think, you can watch the boat show LIVE, right here, thanks to the web cams set up at Obexer’s Boat Company.. It aint Game of Thrones, until the judging starts… But this way you can have your pal wave at you while you sit on your aft in Toledo eating Ribs! DON’T drink the water though. Below is the live feed from the big show!  big thanks to Tahoetopia.com for the feed!

If you are done watching, yes I know, it’s mesmerizing, here are some nice photos from the guys. And if you stare at them long enough, things move.. Or maybe that’s my eye floaters..


What a stunning setting!



This looks like a photo taken in the 50’s Amazing.



Its all about the details



Orange Crate is ready to show of her Orangeness!


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23 Responses to “Live From Lake Tahoe. No Really, Watch The Show Live On Woody Boater.”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    There must have been some very tricky docking involved to get all those jewels tucked in that close. Keep the eye candy coming! Thanks.

    • Rick

      Au contrare, aren’t all our boats highly maneuverable in reverse? 🙂

  2. m-fine

    If you are in Toledo, you should keep driving, you are really close to Michigan. Barring that, MAYBE have a dog and some pickles at Tony Packo’s.

    Personally, I have a less exciting day planned than a trip to Ohio or watching a live cam of nothing moving.

    You see, Humpty m-fine took Tobler out for a late night nature call.

    Humpty m-fine had a great fall. 🙁

    Today, all the kings horses and all the kings men will try to put m-fines knee back together again.

    If the surgeons fail, I am going to send a picture of my leg to Matt and see if he can photoshop the kneecap back to the front where it belongs. Always good to have a plan B right?

    • Rick

      Can we get live cam in the surgical suite? Maybe a drone if you don’t think it will distract the surgeons? Good luck and fast recovery.

      • m-fine

        I bet their malpractice lawyers would have a stroke at the thought of video in the OR!

        The good news is I should be released by early afternoon. The bad news is I will be back online posting comments under the influence of potent painkillers.

    • floyd r turbo

      Nothing worse than being immobilized especially if you can’t reach the cooler. Use some of that Ice for the knee M-Fine.

  3. Bill Hammond

    Can’t make the connection work. Is this another case of Apple indifference? Using iPhone.

    • matt

      We spent several hours trying to trick this into working. The feed is not a sharable file. The code we got kept wyping out the page, so we tricked it into working. And sadly mobile veiwing aint working, most likely because of flash? Or some sort of file that type.. I have no idea, its a first though and fun right now to watch the sun rise of Lake Tahoe..

  4. Rick

    The live feed is working great but nobody is moving around. Come on guys on the East Coast we’ve already been at work for a couple of hours.

  5. MikeM

    Well done, Matt. It’s almost like I’m there. Uh…wait, I am here. Maybe later we’ll assemble a cast of Woodyboaters to do a performance in front of the camera…..stay tuned!!

  6. m-fine

    Out of surgery, doc says I can’t drive a boat for a couple weeks.

      • m-fine

        My daughter got her license this year, so I don’t necessarily have to be the one driving!

      • Brian Flaherty

        As the great Willie Nelson once said, “there’s more old drunks then there are old doctors. So I guess we’ll have another round”.

        Now just because you can’t drive a boat, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be on a boat… Right?

  7. floyd r turbo

    Love the “Crate” – a flatbottom with a woody deck, hell yea. Ride is going to be a little bumpy with that bottom design and that’s on a mill pond.

  8. 'Bone Daddy' Deems

    Too bad our boat (BK Powell’s 1930 Dee Wite, Winner of Pre War Runabouts Under 23′, shown with green interior above) was hit by the Tahoe Yacht Club’s President at the start of the parade! Damage to ours and the Garwood behind us…..:( See video on Youtube..Tahoe 2014 Wooden Boat Show Mishap