image-10-08-14-11-05Thanks to our Tahoe reporter Steve Natale for sending us in some amazing photos of the annual Gathering of the Gar Woods. This is an annual even at Obexer’s Boat Company and the best of the best show up.. Steve was also able to capture a extremely rare Liberty V12 running.



























thanks Steve for your tireless reporting.

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9 Responses to “The Gathering Of The Gar Woods On Lake Tahoe!”
  1. Wilson

    No replies…Guess nobody likes GarWoods…but then I know Tony Mollica is out there somewhere….

  2. brian t


    I often wonder what happened to boats like Roki I and Santanta I though….

  3. Gary

    Is it my imagination or is the exhaust pipe on Roki II chromed? Also, what happened to the stain job on that boat?

    • The Critic

      Does seem as though the boards could have been better arranged/bleached/stained to be more symmetrical…..must have been someones choice though….

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    I love external valve trains. It’s like a mechanical orchestra in concert!

  5. Bill Hammond

    They are simply stunning! Love that header photo! Nice job Mr. Natale!

    The exhaust does not look chromed to me on Roki II. There is a chrome trim ring at the transom. The only difference on the staining that I can see is that the top board below the Gunwhale is lighter but that may be by design.
    They’re all just beautiful!

  6. Philip Andrew

    Thanks for all the pictures Steve. Ive been to this show twice and it looks just as crisp as I remember.

  7. Brian Flaherty

    Beautiful boats, great photography!! The lack of responses may be related to the unusually high temperatures along the west coast! It was 93 way up north here in Bellingham WA!! Which provided the perfect setting for my first evening boat ride with just my 2 year old son and I… He LOVES boating!