Steve captures the magic of Tahoe

Steve captures the magic of Tahoe

More amazing photos from this years big Lake Tahoe show. Steve Natale got out on the water and captured the big roar off. Or is a Zoom off, or lift off. The Roar Off is a fun chance for folks to see how these amazing boats run. Lake Tahoe is a magical place for photographers. A huge slow clap to Steve and his cameras for his generosity is sharing these images all week.  You can see more of Steve’s work here on his website, and if you want to purchase some prints of cool cars, boats, and roadside America.. Here is the site for that!

BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 795


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 803


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 808


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 815


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 822


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 830


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 838


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 843


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 848


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 852


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 858


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 866


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 881


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 887


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 891


BC and 2014 Tahoe Concours 912Wow, that about wraps it up for Lake Tahoe… OH Wait.. Don Ayers has drone footage soon. Stay tuned.. maybe tomorrow, maybe not.. These stunning photos just keep coming in..

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19 Responses to “The Big Roar Off On Lake Tahoe From Fellow Woody Boater Steve Natale!”
  1. Wilson

    Great pics of both shows…thanks for your good work.

    What do the numbers and letters on race boats mean like T-44 or G-9 ??

  2. matt

    Hi Mike, I know there is a list out there. We know Satin Doll won something big, but thats it. To Wilson.. I have no idea? I know I should, I think????? its race related and class and number in that class. But thats a guess. Regardless,its cool!

  3. Don Ayers

    In the Marque Class (Barrels) there were several First’s. Marque Best of Show went to Annabelle a 1939 19′ Custom owned by Jack and Judy McMannis

    Overall Best of Show was won by Everan Zephyr – owned by Gary and Cathy Lyons. A 1940 19′ Custom. Restored by McCall Boat, Don hardy, in ID. Don Also won Best Professional Restorer. Not bad for his first trip to Tahoe.

    • Ken Miller

      Is Satin Doll the runabout that sank at her dock? Do I remember that correctly?

      • Paul H.

        Yes, Ken it is.

        Happily, she has fully recovered from that most ignominious nadir and is better than ever. We were able to retain all the original wood except one chine plank which was replaced when the bottom was done during repairs. The actual damage was purely cosmetic but was regrettably both extensively and evenly distributed throughout every system -except the engine.

        Subsequently, we had the engine rebuilt as it was tired and have returned her to frequent use. She is survivor in the truest sense, and it was a homecoming for her as she was also an original Tahoe boat, residing there for the first 51 years of her life.

        • 'Bone Daddy' Deems

          Hi Paul, Glad Satin Doll had won a trophy…too bad you had to leave early….( Terry D

          • Paul H.

            Thanks Terry – that was likely the most dreadful afternoon of my life. I am pleased the SD won a first, but it is a bittersweet win to be sure. I look forward to returning to the Concours again though – I love the area and the people are wonderful.

  4. Cobourg Kid

    Very nice photos but some narrative to go along with them would be even nicer

  5. Paul K

    Does anyone know what type of boat the small cruiser pictured is. With the Black top. That is unlike any I have seen.


  6. Troy in ANE

    Three days of GREAT Tahoe photos.

    Love It, Love It, Love It.

    Thanks to all involved!