Glacier Lake Show Ends Miss Woody Boater Stories. Thanks, Thanks Alot!

Glacier Lake Show Ends Miss Woody Boater Stories. Thanks, Thanks Alot!

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Thanks to a slow down in donations we are returning to our regularly scheduled boat show reports. This time it’s from the good folks on the Glacier Lake ACBS. I wonder if the bottoms of the … Read more

8 Comments on “Glacier Lake Show Ends Miss Woody Boater Stories. Thanks, Thanks Alot!

  1. Nice coverage, Jack. Thanks to the skippers at the show for awarding our 1955 Correct Craft Atom Skier Best Preserved-Most Original at the show.

  2. It makes me very happy to see Vogler Boy was purchased by someone who really uses her.

    Great event coverage! Looks like a fun event!

  3. The Norton Boat Works custom ‘tribute’ boat has an interesting story:

    It’s a post-war 17′ Chris-Craft hull that was partially completed when they decided to re-power with a taller, modern marine engine- they would have needed to put an obnoxious crown in the deck to make space for the engine, so after some thought, they re-created this circa-1930 ‘tribute’ double-cockpit runabout, with its raised coamings and engine hatches, to solve the problem beautifully. I guess it’s what you’d call a ‘resto-mod’?

    Alex Watson referred to an authentic 1930 boat like this at the recent Hessel, MI classic boat show as a ‘Model 99’ and I’ve seen earlier WB stories about this small-scale model- here’s another shot of the Norton recreation (currently for sale BTW):

    • I have the same 99 frame # 14514 In restoration , 8 yrs., and counting. All wood is intact and scraped, and ready Smiths. All bright work completed , engine not so good. Poured bearings is giving a fair amount of trouble. Any way good seeing another 99, which there a very small number of and just the right size 17 + !!!!
      Moses Lafountaine AKA Red……..

  4. Great pics. Gotta love Wisconsin. I may live in Minnesota, but every weekend I cross the border into “God’s Country.” That’s why my registration starts with “WS.”

    Hope the fundraiser was big success.

  5. Looks like a GREAT show.

    Does anyone know why the name “Vogler Boy V” is painted at a rise toward the bow or is it just an optical illusion?