PAddle pontoon

Well, mmmmm, egh, so, you didn’t have plans this weekend to go anyplace? You do now, cause you are buying a Paddle pontoon boat! In Wisconsin. Thanks to fellow Woody Boater John Bass for sharing this insanity with us all. If you don’t want to drive to Wisconsin, at least you can share your thoughts here.


But really.. It’s got a VW engine, with a Porsche Transmission, with a huge working paddle.


You could open a casino on your lake? Live on the Mississippi? Well, it’s a natural. How about on on Lake Tahoe? You could win all the shows since there would be no competition.M-fine? But a huge smoker on it and cook bacon while your out on the boat?

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 6.16.51 AM

No matter where you live, this would be a conversation piece, that you can talk about on the boat. Here is the listing on Craigslist and a video as well.

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12 Responses to “And You Thought You Didn’t Need A Paddle Porsche Pontoon Boat!”
  1. randy rush captain grumpy

    Nothing like taking something bad and spending a pile to make it worse.

    • m-fine

      Yes indeed, and I am prepared with American bacon (pork belly), Canadian bacon (tenderloin), and Irish bacon (pork shoulder).

  2. Dick Dow

    Waterskiing behind it would be quick – particularly at the start – but you’d have to let go before you got to the paddle… I sincerely hope that shot of the Bayliner blowing up is from a movie or something and not a real occurance. Woody boaters are generally better shots than that 😉