OK, Troy! Bring it on!

You will love long time rides!

Today fun photo was taken by Texx. But the caption is by you. Nothing like half your name falling off and creating an entirely new name. We hope you’re out there today, having fun and not doing anything!

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24 Responses to “Happy Labor Day! Now Get To Work On A Fun Caption!”
  1. m-fine

    Hmmm, it looks like that came off a big old Johnson.

    Yesterday was raining until 4:00 or so. Gave us a chance to pluck a Dixie cup full of shredded impeller parts out of the oil cooler. Coupled with a new water pump impeller that has all the fins still attached, the engine is running cool once again. Someone needs to invent a reliable raw water pump with a 100 yr impeller life.

    Oh well, at least I am ready to pull all the kids on a tube across the not so warm for Labor Day water.

    • WoodyGal

      Use the blue silicone impellers, they don’t fall apart & screw up your entire cooling system. At worst, they will look good but won’t pump any water after 3 years.

  2. Wilson

    Sounds like maybe we ought to check the impeller more often…Maybe like each Spring.

    As for the Sea Ho…Reminds me of that ole story about the three women on the Greyhound bus, the Arrappahoe, the Navahoe and the Alabama ho.

    • m-fine

      That impeller had a season and a half on it this spring and was inspected before launch. We had a spare, but some reason it was in the house, not on the boat DOH!

      It shredded two weekends ago. Put the spare in and it was still running warm last week so we decided to not wait for winter to go searching for the pieces and a rainy day with the boat in a covered lift was the perfect opportunity. I think I need to come up with a screen filter after the pump to catch the rubber in a more accessible location.

  3. John Baas

    I don’t know…maybe something about a hole you throw money into?

    Wisconsin will have storms today. Made the most of Sunday on Lauderdale lake with the Atom Skier. Fun little boat.

  4. Jim Frechette

    Matt, look for Globe Impellers. They are made from some blue material and can run dry for 15 minutes (so they say). I had one in one of my boats for 10 years. Bad news, it quit at Lake Dora. Good news, I was towed to the dock by a Riva!

  5. Bill Hammond

    I’m going to say that it is complete! It’s just the opposite of “Land Ho”! It’s a name for the true Water Enthuasiast!

    Now, on another matter….we’ve been teased with a couple of Hessel headers but still no Live-ish report now what, 4 weeks hence? I’m dying to see what I missed!

  6. brian t

    One can just motor their Sea Ho over to Galveston to go buy some neat fishing and beach apparel stuff at the Sea Pimp….

  7. Sean Conroy

    That’s my boat’s EVIL cousin…

    We’re shocked to see her here on WoodyBoater!

  8. John Rothert


    I blew one on the starboard 350 mercruiser……had cruised twice on Sat. and then on trying to leave the covered slip for another ride…..zip water pumping.
    My pump itself is original to this c. 1995 5.7 mercruiser….I am thinking I should replace the entire pump…bearings and etc being the next to go….but that baby is over 500 bucks….any ideas? Reasonable purchase source?
    Got to do that THIS WEEK and get BACK TO BOATING!!

    John in Va.

    • Doug P in the PNW

      OK, the leopard skin, where did that come from. Or, don’t we need to know?

  9. Heninger

    I am confused. How, mechanically, does a mermaid even reproduce? This is probably why you see so few of them in the wild.

  10. Alex

    Whatever impeller brand you buy, I advise replacing it annually. It’s a cheap part and easy to swap out. Classic & Antique Boats do it ever year they commission one of my boats.

    Peace of mind is so much better than pieces of impeller in the cooling system, or seeing your engine in pieces because it overheated.

  11. Alex

    All day long, every time I saw Sea Ho, all I could think of was Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. Anyone in WoodyBoaterland with young kids will know what I’m talking about.

  12. red dog

    somehow i just knew that crystal blue water was from northern michigan. hope we can still get some of these pictures in the middle of our long cold winter sorry no caption for the header..