Take me to your leader!

Take me to your leader! This may be the clue!


 Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Terry Lewis for sending us this puzzle. If you can figure this one out, you are the either smart or have no life, cause all there is, is some grey frames and a rare cool light.  WAIT! Oh, no… That and a Greymarine gauge. Oh crap, I think I may know though, I don’t want to be right… So if it helps, here is Terrys email.


Boat no. 2 - 10 11 14 (9)

Love the trailer. Is that a clue?

Thanks Matt, I saw the boat on Craigslist in the “free” section.  You never know.  Anyway, the phone number was posted wrong but they posted a map. I went to the address the map provided but no one answered the door and it looked like no one lived there. I saw a car in the driveway of the neighbors house so I took a chance and knocked on the neighbors door.  A man answered and told me the former owner and his wife had passed away from cancer and the boat had set ever since.  The neighbor let me into his back yard to climb a step ladder to see if I could spot the boat.  It was setting on saw horses in the far corner of the yard.  I tried knocking on the door again, but no answer as before.  I wrote a note and put it in the mailbox.  I didn’t received a call that day so I decided to go back the next day.  I knocked on the door, but as before, no answer.  I moved my note from the mailbox to the front door in hopes it would be seen better. I didn’t receive any calls for days although I did drive by on several occasions.  Finally a man called and said he received the note and the boat was available if I could pick it up soon.  He was going to chop it up and make firewood.  He didn’t know what it was, but knew the original owner was in the process of restoring it when he passed away.
That transom shape could be a tell? Boat no. 2 - 10 11 14 (5)
Now I’m doing research to find out what it is and going to restore it to it’s former glory. It’s a double cockpit inboard with a single exhaust.  The gauge is a Graymarine which I know Chris Craft used. It’s 14′ and all the framework is in great shape.  Here’s some more pictures in hopes of identifying the make and year.
Boat no. 2 - 10 11 14 (3)


Boat no. 2 - 10 11 14 (7)







A bad artists rendition of what the boat would look like , if restored on photoshop!

CRAP! It does have a Globe- ish look, and that light? Oh god! I am the guy that has no life.. Anyone got anything better, PLEASE! Prove me wrong.. This is not good for my marriage if I am able to identify a boat from a trailer full of rotten wood.. PLEASE Say it aint so!


Here is some Globe marketing materials.

Here is some Globe marketing materials.




Note the light on this un restored globe


There is that Grey Marine gauge

Please, please tell me I am wrong.. Has my life come to this that one can glance at some snap shots with serial numbers or anything and ID a boat! A rare boat By the way.. This aint no U22, if it is a Globe its beyond rare and designed by one of the top boat designers of the era! Here is a link to a previous story!



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33 Responses to “Can You Solve This Mystery Boat! Please Tell Me I Am Not Right!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    You may have nailed it Matt!

    I would think the angle of the cut where the chime/chine meets the stern should give a clue. That seems rare to me.

    Look forward to hearing about her restoration.

  2. Texx

    I think I may know the answer to the mystery boat question, but don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade today.

    So let us know what you think. Winner gets a pack of Woody Boater wieners in the mail (regular mail).

  3. warren

    My first thought was Globe also.
    14′, Grey marine, frames look like designed for plywood,non-trip chines………….

  4. Alex

    That cut in the back of the subject boat is on the bottom / chine, not the deck. Therefore don’t think its a Globe. Home made is my guess.

    • Alex

      Ann I see from the artist’s rendering the bottom and top are both slanted. Globe it might just be.

  5. Eric

    I agree with Warren, pretty confident it’s a Globe. One of my favorites is “Wiki Wiki”.

  6. Chris Atwood

    I saw a set of 3 windshield brackets like those at Indy Boat Salvage a few weeks ago if he needs to complete the set.

    • m-fine

      Go shopping for bacon and chocolate. It is time to build up reserves in case of a major winter storm.

  7. Terry Lewis

    I love this crazy bunch. Would like the contact for the windshield brackets. Thanks to everyone for their help and humor.

  8. matt

    Terry, if you see one of these in person, they are absoluty stunning. Brook Stevens design is amazing! its art you can have fun with, but also put in a family room in the winter..

  9. TomH

    Those are anti trip chines usually built into outboard boats not inboard.They were designed to keep the boat from flipping in hard turns. I have never heard of Globe but that doesn’t supprise me as I do have a life. Well maybe not…. if I am reading this website everyday.

  10. Texx

    A couple more shots of “Wiki Wiki” – 1949 14′ Globe from Clayton in 2010.

  11. John Baas

    The late Frank Petran, co-founder of the Glacier Lakes Chapter of ACBS had this cutie at the Milwaukee Boat show a few years ago. Notice the cool bow light. We miss Frank and his Globe.