It’s Saturday and you are most likely sitting in a warm house as the temperature is dropping. So what better than a nice warm video with Dean Martin in some timeless location produced by the good folks at Tudor Watch Co.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 8.44.58 PM

It is a cool watch to watch, a very cool watch, and according to their website The TUDOR Heritage Chrono Blue watch is a unique reinterpretation of the iconic 1973 TUDOR called “Montecarlo” and much sought after by collectors. Of course we want the boat., and the cool sunglasses, and model, and sunshine. Even the cool Shelby Cobra at the start of the video. Now one might say, where is the real Cobra, or why not a old Riva? Well, the key word here is reinterpretation! It’s kinda genius if you think about it.  A time piece thats been designed with timeless designed stuff to frame it Strong marketing!

Very neat watch

Timeless Time Piece!

Nice turn

Timeless fun!

But dang, right about now, I would be happy to just watch and listen.


Thanks to Tudor for starting a great conversation about reinterpretation. There is a freedom about that. Maybe a cool new reinterpretation of a woody?

You can visit the Tudor website Here!

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19 Responses to “Tudor Watches Brings Out A Timeless Woody To Reinterpret A Time Peice!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Nice run of videos!

    Very guy oriented with cars, boats, race cars, beautiful models, and even a rose bud.

    A Woody reinterpretation would be very cool!

  2. m-fine

    A nylon band? I think I’ll stick with Patek Phillipe for my timeless watch needs.

  3. Steve Moreau

    Love ol Dean make me want to start happy hour early. In fact I think right about now with a bloody Mary! The only thing I would add is a lil cut away to Dean performing!

  4. MikeM

    Cool watch but I’m disappointed that you finally spelled “genius” right. I’ve gotten used to “genus”. Please fix.

  5. Wilson

    Guess I’m ole fashioned…But I think I’ll look for my old Timex and get out my old record of Glenn Campbell singing that one.

    Oh! catchy math today…9- nine ? Gotta be awake for that one.

  6. John Baas

    Awesome quality production value in those spots. How many Rivas do you think you could buy with what those spots cost to produce?

    • m-fine

      I don’t know how many Rivas, but it must take a lot of $4,000 watches to pay for them.

  7. reddog

    lets see them strap it to the propeller like the old timex comercials a watch not only has to look good it has to perform

  8. Jimmuh

    Fortunately, no real RIVA (nor Cobra, for that matter) was harmed in the making of this ad……..

    • Jimmuh

      “Dudes wearing a ……..”
      Texx; ‘Dude’ was none other than John Cameron Swayze! Generations of ‘muricans listened to him on the nightly news; we trusted him! If he said “….takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin” we believed it….

      • Texx

        Thanks Jimmuh. Is he related to Patrick Swayze – the dude who drove the ’57 Chevy in Dirty Dancing?

  9. reddog

    timex 100 for $ 15.00 or the TUDOR model for over $2000 which would you choose?