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Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Hakan Pettersson for sending us in the first start up of his First startup after being completely rebuilt  in Sweden! Dang! Now when you look at the video you think, mmm, am I going to be able to look at 3 minutes of engine running? All my marketing rules say folks don’t watch more than 1 minute.. But there is something about the sound and power of 85 hp thats been tweaked a bit.. Way to go Haken for maken our day!

A 1951 industrial engine from a 1951 boat that´s been stripped down, bored and have this config:
– 4″ Scat crankshaft
– New pistons from Rebuilders Choice, 3.3/16 +040 4″ stroke
– Isky Max 1 cam
– Custom made carb,,Holley 390 cfm carb after US Coast guards std
– Offy old alu intake
– Offy alu heads
– Completely balanced incl. fly wheel and pulleys

The engine is going into his 1937 mahogany racer from Sweden that originally came with a 85 hp Flathead V8!


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26 Responses to “We Guarentee We Know What you Will Be Watching For The Next 3 Minutes!”
  1. Texx

    Ford Flathead V-8’s ROCK! Interest in these has exploded in the last few years, and the automotive aftermarket has responded with some great, high quality speed parts.

    Nice work Hakan!

    • Hugger69

      Thanx Texx,
      I very glad that you put the video up here in this supernice web site!
      The fun story here is that my boat really had a 85 hp Flathead from the beginning, how many of your US-made boat did?
      I also want to mention the water cooled manifolds, they are made in Sweden from the 40:is or 50:ies and I found them a NOS-parts!!

  2. Greg Lewandowski

    Looking at that Martinique and listening to the flathead put me in sensory heaven overload this morning!

  3. Troy in ANE

    Sweet! I Love all Flat Heads, but these 8’s are Awesome!

    Would love to see a story on the Sexy boat in today’s Header!

  4. JNF

    Eye and ear candy. Throw out the marketing rules…three minutes of this is not enough. Looks like the period correct tow vehicle is ready in the background.

  5. John Rothert

    Well, as the resident flathead boater in Va….I loved that first run! My totally rebuilt flathead has been run in the Argentine runabout for the first season and I have some issues I will post and discuss later.
    Great Cruiser on the header….what a shape…..!!
    I am heading to the cruiser and GOING BOATING!
    Ice in the bucket here this morning….
    John in Va

  6. Hugger69

    Thanx guys,
    I really appreciate your comments!
    It’s not me in the vid but my motorman Dan! The rebuid and startup was made in his garage and he’s a real Flattie-lover with two cool Fords with this engine, one is the roadster in the background of the vid and one satin black custom from 1946!
    I also want to correct that the effect of this Flathead closer to 160 hp and not 85! 😉
    See more of the boat and other cool stuff like my 69 Camaro in my web, sorry for the Swedish language but at least the Camaro-section is in English!

  7. floyd r turbo

    That one’s prettier than the Kermath conversion I had in the back of my van for a couple of weeks.

  8. Steve Moreau

    Y’all aint right by no means! People been trying to offend me my whole like with no success. But I think y’all don’t went and done it! Someone up there must not have wanted me to watch this video as it didn’t show up this morning or this evening. I really want a young man that works for me to see it as well. He just got a old ford with a 100 In it and was thinking he was going to go back with a sbc. Y’all play dirty I’ll remember this payback is he’ll! I want my videos damn-it!

    PS go ahead and make the math harder. I got all my fingers and toes

  9. Ronald

    I’ve just sent my wife to town to buy a Powerball ticket to hopefully buy that Matthews Cruiser, What an awsome looking boat, The flathead video is equally great with something behind it with a ’32 Ford grill shell. Must be my kind of people. Thanks for a great view today.

  10. thomas d.

    i bought a engine this weekend, can someone tell me how many hp a chris craft model ko engine is and approx what year made. i’m familiar with all the model k’s but this one.also check out my latest find, original…full…never opened.

  11. reddog

    It looked to me like he shut the water off a couple times then turned it back on. Also looked like he put soap suds in the water. What’s up with that.

    • Hugger69

      The problem was to supply the original Sherwood pump with enough water, it drank like an elephant in a pub! We just had a couple of 5 gallon plastic barrels and the pump emptied it I a few seconds! There’s nothing else in the water except air in the end…..;)

  12. reddog

    Is there a story about a Chris-craft race boat named Sleeper. The boat was in a story about the vintage races this weekend at lake Dora. Now I can’t find that story. What am I missing