If you are reading this, you are on the all new Woody Boater website. With new cool features to come. Like a great classified section as well as new sponsorship opportunities. One of the cool new ways to look at Woody Boater is on your Mobil device. Check it out. On your Ipad or Kindle it will look like the site, on your phone one simple line of stories. Also we have updated the email feature for updates and are going to “try” and see if no math exercise helps.. The site should also load much faster for some.. Anyway, enjoy and I am sure I will hear from you with any issues..

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53 Responses to “Happy Day, The All New 2015 Woody Boater Is Here!”
  1. Scott Robinson

    Hi Matt, Thank you for all the hard work, I can always be uplifted by your fun and humor, Best wishes, Scott

  2. m-fine

    Oh no! It’s new, it’s different, it must be bad AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH!

    Ok deep breaths. It can’t be that bad. Breath…I think I can handle this…

    It loaded lightning fast on my phone. Shockingly fast compared to the last 6 months. Thanks for all the hard work!

  3. FLASH

    Nice. Now I don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the story.

    When will the Classifieds be live? Ineeda coupla things!

  4. m-fine

    One bug I noticed on the PC layout…

    The most recent two stories are on the top in full width and then there are 8 more in a two column layout. One column goes from the 23rd to the 20th, and the other from the 18th to the 15th. The story from Wednesday the 19th seems to have been lost, probably to a math error. Same issue on IE and Chrome.

    • m-fine

      Strange, no story from Wednesday the 19th on the phone either. Was there no story posted that day?

  5. Rick

    When a wife suddenly changes her look drastically they say it’s a sign she wants a change in her life. Matt are you cheating on us?

    • Kentucky Wonder

      Of course he’s been cheating! Could you not see the signs?Haven’t you seen all the blog entries featuring fiberglass?!?!? It all seems so obvious now….

  6. Walt

    It’s so good I can’t even tell the difference (I’m on an old school laptop). So where are the classifieds? And what happened to the math test?

  7. Sean

    Hmmmmm. Getting loaded faster.
    This concept could really catch on. I wonder how fast we’ll all get loaded at this years virtual Christmas party!!!

  8. Don P

    Congrats. The new site is great. Thank you for all the hard work you do for the hobby.

  9. Dennis Mykols

    Darn, just when I was getting better at my addin, subractin, and mutltiply tables… you know what they say, at my age, you don’t use it, you loose it…

  10. Dick Dow

    Can I change the font for my name? 🙂 Gosh, we’re going upscale here – I like it!

  11. mike k


    i am checking to see if my post goes to top or bottom, there are no longer times on them.

    nice job! loads fast.


  12. Wilson

    Wow !…Was worried when I signed on earlier this morningand got yesterday’s page…and no math…thought something was wrong…

    New look is good…Now to go hunt the classifieds.

  13. Matty Boater

    The script font is… The Woody Boater logo font. As I have always said, you are all Woody boater so when you comment, you are in the Woody Boater font.. Egh.. Deep? all part of art direction.. Sign in all caps and it looks like ass though.

  14. Bob Kays

    Looking good Matt ! Now if I could just go for boat ride in the snow! That might make a good Christmas song. Boat ride in the snow falalala…

    • Rick

      I think it only works on tabletop rotary phones. The public ones can’t figure out how many quarters you need for the pictures.

  15. Jack Schneiberg

    BUT….as the “Sherell’s (?) sang back in our day – “Will you still love me tomorrow?”……….
    I think it was them……

    • Jack Schneiberg

      Damn………..now I have that stupid song in my brain ….probably for 3 days……………

      • Dick Dow

        “It’s a Small World After All…” There, that should fix it! 🙂

  16. Rick S.

    Love the upgrade! This is now the fastest loading forum I belong to. Faster than a speeding bullet, and probably Superman…

  17. matt

    Sorry gang, 300 spam comments in a couple hours.. You know what that means.. MATH!

  18. Rabbit

    Nice job, Matt. Thank you for making this site the best thing about woody boating, except for woody boating.

  19. m-fine

    I like the new placement of the math test before the comment box. Now if I don’t know the answer I won’t waste time typing out a comment.

  20. Rick

    Off topic but with Thanksgiving fast approching I need to get this information to you ASAP so you can acquire the correct ingredients. I present to you the craboctorkey.

  21. donald hardy

    Hi Matt, Change is always good. Thanks for all you do to connect us all over the world. It has been fun and looks to continue. Let’s RIDE on……

  22. Dave Clyne

    You done good again, Matt. Hey, Jack, I’m still working on the Palomino. Cut the keel cap today.
    Love that phone booth !

  23. 72hornet

    Why such large numbers? I thought you promised that there would be no math?

  24. John N allen

    Christmas in November. A great new package of treats for the brown boat addicts.

  25. Kentucky Wonder

    Hey Matt, got a suggestion…..You know how those of us that include a URL when posting have a hyperlinked name? How about having those hyperlinks open in another tab? That way, we can explore around the other world a while, and then just tab our way back to WoodyBoaterVille. As it is now, we have to back-page our way to return.

  26. Kentucky Wonder

    OK, another thing….I must not be typing fast enough, because I got locked out by a message saying my Captcha Time had Expired. Luckily, a side window opened up when I removed all the cookies and other website data and reloaded the page. I would hate for everyone to be robbed of the ability to read my highly entertaining and insightful posts. And, if Alex is having trouble just adding photos, he will never be able to post if his Captcha Time Expires!!!! Hey! my captcha time expired writing THIS post. God, I’m never gonna be able to string more than one thought together if I have to type this fast!!!!!

  27. Steve Moreau

    Look good! Like the boat buzz I don’t remember it being there before. But then again sometimes it takes a brick to the head foe me to get everything the first time, so the shackbully tells me.

  28. Hugger69

    Great Matt!
    I love the new cleaner looks but I also would prefer to have the “search engine” in the header instead of in the bottom area!

  29. matt

    Thanks Hugger, I agree, its a bit dificult to keep navigating up and down.. We also are going to add the comment counter so folks can see how many comments each story has..

  30. Speedboat Outlaw

    It’s a good thing I’m good at math. The site is a 9.8! Good job.