Fox Cameraman and Becky Freemal in the background

It’s always exciting to have someone in the media share the joy of our culture. Thanks to the good folks on Smith Mountain Lake for getting the word out on Fox 21 the local channel in the Roanoke and Lynchburg area of Virginia.

Alan and his Hull Scott Engine talk… well Hull Scott engines. Nice shirt

Thanks again to fellow Woody Boater George Blosser and the Smith Mountain Gang for sharing with all of us the workshop they put on. And a special thanks to Alan Frederick for wearing the colors! Varnish on Alan! Varnish On!
FOX 21/27 WFXR Roanoke/WWCW Lynchburg News, Weather


Thanks again to the entire gang! Say Fromage!

From left to right..mmmm…. OK, just the guy in the Woody Boater shirt.. Thats Alan Frederick again, that’s it, no shirt no name!

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20 Responses to “Smith Mountain Lake Woody Boaters Get A Spiffy Plug On Fox News”
  1. Troy in ANE

    GREAT video!

    Nice to see the WoodyBoater T in the midst of it all.

  2. m-fine

    That was pretty cool. Whenever I get on the news it is always followed by a number people can call if they know my whereabouts or have any information that could lead to my arrest.

  3. Mo Sherrill

    Hi Alan and Jean — Good to see you still very active in ACBS/Chapter events. Cheers! Mo Sherrill

    • Alan Frederick

      Always remember the great workshops that we had in Niagara Frontier and you guys had in Wine Country so I’m trying to extend the tradition here @ SML.
      It’s amazing how famous you become by just wearing a WoodyBoater tee shirt.
      25th Anniversary Show here next year at the lake so hope to see a lot of new boaters in Sept. ’15 at the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge”.

  4. Jim Staib

    Any PR for the hobby is good. Hall-Scott made mostly big engines. The 997in invader and the 2185in Defender. So you don’t see them in boats very often. Also made engines for buses.
    They were based in California.

  5. matt

    My first live site of a Hall Scott was in…. Algonac.. At Maeya Boat works.. Antother amazing place that still makes them like they used to.

  6. Mike K

    i posted yesterday but it didnt show! i had one math error and then the second time i got it right!!, but no joy.

    you guys mad at me?

      • Woody Boater

        Sorry about that, I looked in the backend of the comment section and there are no comments in purgatory. So it apears no comment came through. If you were trying to upload a large photo over 1 meg in size it would not load

  7. Wilson

    Nice plug for ACBS….and hearing from Mo Sherrill…Talk about a voice out of the past…

  8. floyd r turbo

    I guess they’re going to repower that Dippy with the “M” or the Hall-Scott? lol. More footage of that Hall Scott. Typical media “sound bite”, too short, no details on boat models, where the engines came from, etc.

    • Alan Frederick

      The “M” goes into #S22-010 U-22 Sedan that was flipped over in the video getting a new 5200 bottom and the Hall Scott (Hudson Invader 168), is now all apart and being re-assembled and detailed for installation eventually in a Nelson Zimmer designed triple, yet to be constructed.
      The H/S is WAY more complex than the Hercules M. Great fun working on it.
      Way too many projects, never enough time. Oh, forgot that the Dippy is close to being done too.

      • floyd r turbo

        Thanks for the update Allan. You came across well prepared on the video.

  9. Tim Robinson

    Hall Scott engines were produced in Oakland, Ca. They were used in Crown buses and fire trucks in the 50 and 60s. I once attended a Valve cover race where we would mount wheels on valve covers and run them down a ramp, the winner by far was the valve cover off a Hall Scott. The weight and massive size gave it the advantage.

  10. Brad Ernst

    Hall Scott, I believe was based in Berkley CA not Oakland. I worked on a LM6 Hall Scott some time ago I believe it was a 1923.

  11. William Hammond

    Would have liked to watch the video but it was dead. Even at Website it wouldn’t play. But it looked like the Smith Mountain Boys had it goin’ on! I wanted to hear that Hall Scott engine run!!

    • Alan Frederick

      To see the video on the TV website, go to WFXR-27, Roanoke, VA site, click on NEWS, then click on “Out and About” section. That should get you to the video they did.

  12. Texx

    Collector Lee Anderson from Nisswa, Minnesota has a number of perfectly restored Hall Scott LM6 engines in service. Two of the three remaining 1925 Rochester triples in his collection “Static” & “Chuckle” have LM6 power, also Lee’s rare 1925 33′ Hackercraft Dolphin “Rebel” is powered by a 200HP LM6, as well as “Horace” a spectacular 1925 30′ Belle Isle Super Bear Cat.

    The best part was when Dane & I toured Lee’s collection in 2013, Steve started every boat in the 11 slip covered dock with a simple flip of the switch. The LM6 Hall Scott engines sounded wonderful (as did all the vintage engines that day).

    Here’s a shot Dane snapped of “Horace” the Hall Scott powered Belle Isle Bear Cat.