Introducing the all new “Floatation Babe”t-shirt. That’s right, inspired by the ever increasing valued vintage boat Elgin babe cushion, now going for around $125 bucks on ebay.. If you can find one in decent shape. Well, now my fellow Woody Boaters you can have your own floatation device with you were ever you go. Never worry about the coast guard stopping you in a mall or out for dinner. You’re covered with your “Flotation Babe” long sleeve t-shirt. And the best part, you aren’t a perv for wearing one! You still may be a perv by the way, but you can’t blame the shirt. Cause it’s vintage fine art. You my friend are an art connoisseur! And yes, I had to Google connoisseur!

Art, no matter how you look at it, it’s art..

Anyway, we have also thrown in a little bonus to all you late holiday shoppers. Act now and we will ship for free any order over $50!!!!! You can click on the banner on the right, or if you are to lazy to move the mouse over, you can click here!

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11 Responses to “Part Shirt, Part Floatation Device, It’s The All New ‘Floatation Babe” Long Sleeve T Shirt!”
  1. Troy in ANE


    Free shipping, that is AWESOME!

    I bet she could even squeeze into my stocking.

  2. Captain Nemo

    I might have to get one. I’ve always been a big fan of floatation devices. 😉

  3. Todd Eib

    Ordered two to be sent to Lake St. Clair for Dad and I. Pretty cool shirt, guys.

  4. m-fine

    I think I am going to need the snow shoveling version. I just got home and measured 6.75″ of snow on the deck from today and we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow.

    How many days until Tavares?

  5. Thorn

    I think West Marine has the old cushion spray scent in a can. Just mist it over your shirt when it arrives. Or leave it hanging in the garage to absorb the finer fragences lingering there.