On ebay today there is a very nice tether boat hydro. Some, OK many of these are usually kinda clunky. Well, not today. This little water skipper has a wonderful patina, well shaped, and the engine is perfect.

I have no idea what its worth, the asking price of $300 shows the seller knows it’s something special. Which it is. The idea of putting a tether on it and smacking it into a wall by mistake is a little nuts. But on a shelf as art.. Perfect

You can find the listing HERE on ebay

That engine is art into itsself!

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15 Responses to “Vinatge Woody Hydro Table Art”
  1. Tom F.

    Love the masthead today and this style of ad/artwork that Evinrude and Johnson used.

  2. Rick

    Do a down to the frame restoration with a fiberglass bottom and modern power. Then market it as an updated Chris-Craft type boat on ebay once owned by someone famous in a popular movie, but can’t be documented, at an unrealistic price. It MUST have been on a mantle SOMEWHERE in On Golden Pond.

  3. John Baas

    I can’t stop looking at that little motor. And that prop! Who made those? I’ll bet he was German. Or Swiss.

  4. John Rothert

    I repeat….If any of you missed the “worlds smallest V12” youtube….it is beyond belief…..

    John in A.

  5. Steve Moreau

    Well that one may have a bit more power than the spring loaded one. Hell let’s make margaritas.

  6. mike c

    were is troy, is he missing, he has not been on here in days, has he run off with maid mary anne on the SS Minnow