DeanO Camilla, and Ann will be here. And yes we are all on a first name basis

Tomorrow is the big day! Our big 4th annual Virtual Holiday Party gets rolling starting around when ever I get up to whenever the last person leaves. Usually the west coast folks bring a second wind of energy, but by then the cops show up and things have to settle down.

Redford is Skiing in the Alps, but is planning on jetting over

This years party already promises to be one of the best. With many A-listers already lining up in there water taxis outside the venue. That’s right, Newman is coming back to life, just for this! That reminds me, get salad dressing ….

Death has treated Mr Newman very well.

The caterer is very busy as well preparing a nice little feast, except “some” are cheating ahead of time! Not naming names..

And of course no party is complete without some spirits.


So, all is set, show up soon, and show up often, this is the day to stay tuned to the comment section for sure.. Thanks for all your support over the year. Oh, And the bathroom is down the hall to the left!

We gots a fresh roll of TP for ya!

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22 Responses to “Are You Getting Ready For The Big Holiday Party Tomorrow?”
  1. Rick

    All ready Captain, just waiting for the wormhole to open so we can get there.

  2. m-fine

    I picked up the Four Roses for John Bass and Cluizel sent our chocolate order FedEx priority so it should be here soon. I think I will be ready.

  3. Steve Moreau

    Pick up a few thing. Didn’t know what everyone wanted so just a Lil bit of everything. May be late so help yourself.

  4. Steve Moreau

    Oh don’t forget to check the freezer some bottles need to stay cold!

  5. Troy in ANE

    Sorry the wait staff has been down graded due to censorship, but the beer will be flowing.

  6. tom gruenauer

    Quick, turn the toilet paper around! It will confuse the drunk people! You will have a mess on your hands!!

  7. Wilson

    I’ll be there from Florida with a case of Jim Beam….If I forget to say so tomorrow……Merry Christmas…

    • Steve Moreau

      Wilson what you gonna do skip out on us. Better get packed and hit the road brother! Falls Church Va. Is a Lil haul from south La. But we on the road, don’t want late!

  8. Dick Dow

    The bathroom is perfect! I have to start the day tomorrow with a “once every five years procedure” …

    Nice to see Helen Mirren was an outboard boat model as well – that’s her on the bow, isn’t it? Will she be there? 😉

  9. Rick

    Do we have a virtual Emergency Road Assist crew on standby just in case someone with a history gets stranded?

    • Al Benton

      The natorious one left Sicamous, BC on Tuesday and is working his way south and east as we speak. So far no word on his progress. If he’s any where near St. Louis tomorrow, he may stop in for a virtual visit at Party Time. Unless, of course, his reputation for getting stranded continues to plague him.

  10. Ollon

    Not to rub it in but if the Southern Californians are late to the party its because we are still out using our boats.

  11. World's Foremost Authority


    I got the shrimp like you asked me to do…$22,648.82 Send me your credit card info.

  12. Carla

    I’ll be there in the morning with a friend of mine from Nashville ready to start the party 🙂 “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”!! Happy Holidays to all my friends on Woody Boater!!

  13. Steve Moreau

    Well had to have another stop on the trip for relief purposes. Matt we should be there around 3:30 am where do u want us to park!