Vanish ELIXER2Wow! That party took off in a direction no one could have predicted. The thing we love best here at Woody Boater is how these parties take on a life of there own. We would also like to thank Fritz and now his entire family for showing up again this year. And the Cohborg Kid for attempting to bring some normalcy to the party. Now if you don’t mind, we need to clean up the office. Stay tuned for a exciting week ahead as we count down to Christmas and travel to a mystery destination!

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14 Responses to “Thank You For Stopping By Our Annual Office Party.”
  1. Rick

    Coburg Kid gets very wordy when he’s been drinking. Also today needs to be a quiet day, please no belt sanders, leaf blowers, vacuums etc… Where do we keep the aspirin around here?

  2. matt

    Ya let Lily drive again? You know how she gets when she drinks to much Motts

  3. Jim Staib

    Man it’s gonna be a rough ride home!! Who forgot the snow brush? Never mind, which way to Tavares, we’re heading SOUTH!!

  4. William Hammond

    What a Party! What a price to pay! When my wife saw the Pretzels I brought this is what happened! Next year I’ll just bring some Beer!!

  5. Bob Kays

    Tough ride home…. Wayne said go left, Rice said go right.. did I dock ok ???

  6. WoodyGal

    It was fun! Glad see Larry & Schmaltzee are still having fun. Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a fantabulous 2015!

  7. ZIP

    Thanks Matt and Texx!

    I got so much press yesterday that my agent won’t get off the phone.

    I sure love your parties. Hope you keep me on the guest list.

  8. Dennis Mykols

    OPPS didn’t see that well last night when I left the party! oh well, there’s always another boat. Just call 1-800- Antique Boat Center…

  9. Mata Hairy

    Hell of a party! I woke up around noon, drank three cups of black coffee and took a morning-after pill. I’m good to go!