chris craft rides againThanks to Dennis Ryan of  the Antique Boat Center for sending us a nice children’s book“ Chris Craft Rides Again” is the third in a series of children’s books published by Kathleen Ryan,( Mrs Dennis,)  to bring stories of wooden boats to a younger age group. Each of the books is licensed through the Antique & Classic Boat Society with a portion of the book sales donated to the ACBS for Youth Development projects. The books are written by Kathleen’s sister, Chris Frantz who has written many short stories as a hobby. Each book has been a journey from the initial concept, original draft , editing, the cutting table, hand painted water colors and finally to the printer. “ Chris Craft Rides Again” had critical input from Katherine Mayer as the artist and her 5 year old daughter Adele, was instrumental in the main character “Captain Cuddy” the self- proclaimed “head of the boat shop and captain of all waters”.

Collect them all..

While each book has a fun animal,” Jake” the dog in “ Larry the Lyman” and the blue herons in “ Pegusas the Century”, “ Captain Cuddy” carries the Chris Craft story with his positive influence and cute antics. One of the most unique parts of this book is it is based on a true story, a grown man finds his Dad’s old boat abandoned in a lot and restores it to its original beauty. Now he takes his children out for rides in the boat he rode in as a child. These books are available through the ACBS , Antique Boat Center and Sierra Boat Company, and the ACBS . We are not sure you will get the book by Christmas unless you beg the shipper to make it two day shipping or if you are close do a drive by buy!

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10 Responses to ““ Chris Craft Rides Again” May Still Arrive In Time!”
  1. Al Benton

    Thanks for featuring this book on Woody Boater today. This series of children’s books is a great way to begin fond memories about boating that could last a lifetime. Especially if it’s our own kids and grandkids who will likely continue to build an interest in vintage boating. A great way to “plant the seed”.

  2. Jack Schneiberg

    It appears from the number of comments today that the party on Friday has finally caught up with everyone. “Sleep in heavenly peace”, people…………………….

  3. Kelly Wittenauer

    Didn’t realize the second & third books were already out. I need to pick those up! First book is excellent. I may be a bit partial though – since I live on Craig’s Creek Lake, just down the street from Larry!

  4. floyd r turbo

    Maybe the math has been too rigorous. I was a little busy myself, only a 5k but 2000 ft of elevation climb in 3 miles.

  5. floyd r turbo

    The ACBS link in the story is broken, btw. Antique Boat doesn’t show the new book for sale, only Larry the Lyman. Eventually, you can find it on ACBS ship store. Would have been great Christmas marketing to temporarily have it on the home page with a hot link to add to cart or go to ship store.

  6. floyd r turbo

    Correction, I see on Antique Boat’s home page “roll” an ad for “Chris Craft Rides Again” finally comes up.

  7. Steve Moreau

    This is great I need the set for my grandbabies. Plus with the added bonuses that I’ll be able to read and comprehend the material and help me with my restoration. I was just about to ask which books (on-tape) that I need to get to kick start my education in the hobby!

  8. floyd jr.

    There better be one about Thompsons out soon or “you no who” is gonna be even grumpier. OY!

    • Mr. Andreas Jordahl Rhude

      “Thommy the Thompson” with his girlfriends Truly and Talulla should be the next book! Cedar strip boats with big outboard motors – come on!