Berlin Headquarters

Today we report in from our Berlin Headquarters six hours ahead of our normal time. The weather is for sure not boating weather, but the beer is good, as is the amazing company and warmth of friends and family. Since I don’t have any local boat photos to share, at least some photos of the Berlin bureau located in what used to be East Berlin.

Christmas Morning! Berlin. Our HQ Garage house

Lots of famous German beer, this is the beer that started October Fest.

Walk around the city though and they get ya.. Give you cheap good beer and then charge you to pee! Genius!

Gets dark around 3 pm..

And the party gets started.

Cool buildings.

A huge Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Woody Boater. Tell us what ya got for Christmas.

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24 Responses to “Merry Christmas From Berlin Germany!”
  1. William Hammond

    What the H*** time is it anyway!! Go back to bed!! Santa doesn’t get here for another two hrs. at least!! Oh what the Hey!! Merry Christmas Everybody!!

  2. Bob Kays

    Frohe Weihnechten Waldig Bootsfahrer.
    That’s Merry Christmas to those not in the Berlin bureau, ignoring Google is correct :).

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    Although I have not spent time in Brerlin, it shure looks a lot like the Stutgart, Frankfurt and Munich that I frequented during my old Daimler Chrysler days. The draft beer is the best in the world. A very Merry Christmas to the Berlin Bureau, and all our other WoodyBoater friends all over the World!

  4. Rabbit

    For ten years I worked on the BMW advertising account, so I always spent a portion of December in Munich. The Christmas markets there were amazing: The sights, the smells, the hot mulled wine. I miss them. Almost as much as I miss an autobahn or test track blast in the latest creation from the engineering department.

  5. Steve Moreau

    Merry Christmas everyone! Stuttgart! Man when l use to chase ducks l was told that was the place to go! Never made it though. Would be a great morning for a hunt. This morning I wake up in my recliner in the living room with my baby daughter sleeping on the couch. Another amazing year blessed beyond belief 4 fantastic kids, three fantastic kid-in-laws, and 4 very loud and healthy grandbabies. After some coffee I’ll start a seafood gumbo awaking my sleeping daughter would will pitch in and help. We’ll make a visit to see what old saint nick brought the grandbabies and then back to the house for a late dinner and a night cap. Maybe one more living room camping trip with my daughter if the conversation gets to long.
    I pray that your day is as mine and filled the blessings from the Lord. Merry Christmas to all

  6. Wilson Wright

    Spent many Christmases in other American Cities but never overseas. Berlin looks to be a fun town…I’ll add that one to my bucket list.
    Was a fun night last night with two daughters and five grown grandsons here for Christmas eve dinner and a sneek peek under the tree.
    Oh…and did I mention 14 inches of rain on Tuesday put lots of water in the lake…That was on my list for Santa..I think he got some help from God.
    …and for today….. Merry Christmas to all !!!

  7. Martin Feletto

    Matt – I’m in transit back to California from a week in Bavaria – got a suitcase full of Gluwein mugs from various Christmas markets Im bringing home – just don’t turn them back in for the deposit!! Best presents around!! Enjoy – Marty

  8. John Rothert

    Merry Christmas to all! Home and Abroad.

    I am going boating! 60 degree day on the Chesapeake but blowing…..

    John in Va.

  9. Royce A. Humphreys

    Merry Christmas to all of our Woodyboater friends! I’m on Sullivans Island, SC and doing the Marina walks enjoying all of the boats here on the islands. Presents last evening included matching Woodyboater long sleeve T Shirts for my brother and myself. We are thankful for all of our blessings this year and they include all who make this site our first stop of the day!
    All our best and counting the days to Tavares!

  10. m-fine

    Santa gave me an old tube sock full of coal again, but my kids got me a box of Swiss gold bars!

  11. John Baas

    Merry Christmas from the land of lakes and cheese! That would be Wisconsin.

  12. Scalertom

    Merry Christmas everyone. And to the few chosen, like myself, Happy Birthday.

  13. Dick Dow

    Merry Christmas Everyone! May the season be filled with peace, joy and at least a little varnish – even if it’s just dried beer at the bottom of the mug… 🙂

  14. Texx

    Well, since you asked – This year’s Christmas gift is a new set of Ape Hangers for the old WoodyBoaterCycle.

    Happy Holidays Everyone! – Texx

  15. Texcritter

    Just in case ya get to missing Texas, Merry Christmas y’all from Houston