$_57-3So, here I am trying to connect classic boats to the football game today. Trust me it aint easy. And BAM! On ebay comes the one thing that is of course the one thing that no one has. I mean, NO ONE has one of these! No way, No one would do this, or would they. And of course they did. And it’s right there on ebay. Now, I know, I know , yesterday we used ebay. But come on! Look at this thing.


New flag? Decal name? Thats been restored. Is it original?

The “story” on ebay is….

“I was in Algonac Michigan looking at a horse buggy when I spotted this Sleigh Craft up in the barn loft. The owner told me the following story: Algonac Michigan is where the Chris Craft wooden boat were made. The story goes on that one of the exec at the plant missed his wooden boat in the winter. So he talked to two of his craft men that work in the Chris Craft plant about designing a Sleigh Craft for him and building it. The rest is history. The wood is mahogany and black walnut. It has running lights 12v system. It has been fully restored. Payment of $500.00 to paypal when purchased, balance on pick-up. This Sleigh will fit in back of a pick-up.The shaft are included in the price.”


Old or new, who cares! The detail work is PERFECT

It would be cool to see the original condition photos as proof, or maybe this is it. Not like it would have been used alot. Regardless, in a million years you could not replicate this for the money asked. So. there it is, the last possible thing you didn’t even know you needed, and oh how you need it now!  It has a buy it now on it, so if you gotta have it, don’t wait til summer for it! On dancer, on Donna Dixon! There’s an obscure one for ya!


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29 Responses to “Forget The Superbowl! Let’s Talk Chris Craft Sleighs!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    Perfect timing. Ready for the “snow trial” on the 8 to 10 inches of snow that will fall in Algonac today. A big storm coming “Where it all Began”!

  2. Rick

    Is the original power stored in a crate? Will points be deducted if you match it with the wrong modern power? Is Clydesdale too large a power plant? Pretty cool.

    • Rick

      If the original power is in a crate who do I send it to to be restored to working order.

  3. Chris B

    now that put a smile on me today. it a fun way to keep your boating all year. if i didn’t live in a subdivision i would be on my way.

  4. Sean

    The only thing that can suck money out of your bank account faster than a project cruiser restoration, is a HORSE!

    I can’t imagine trying to sustain those two hobbies….

    But the sleigh is cool 🙂

    • Colin

      You are so right. I have a 1958 Deluxe Chris Craft run about and four horses and four donkeys. Try that in Hawaii where hay is $40m a bale.

  5. m-fine

    Certainly power would be the biggest issue. I am sure you can buy 8-9 modern reindeer, but the upkeep would get expensive and be very time consuming.

  6. dreed

    It would make a nice advertisement to see some people in it covered with Faribault blankets. Hint, hint Rabbit.

  7. Wilson

    I don’t think I could use it here in Florida but I’ll bet Chris Smith knows who this sled was made for and the rest the history of this sled.

  8. m-fine

    Are there any pictures on how the dual exhaust hooks up to the horse?

  9. Old Salt

    Speaker of the Super Bowl…
    I nominate Matt and Tex as today’s official Woodyboater Most Valuable Players!

  10. Craig j

    All kidding aside, this thing should be shown in a museum. I’m inclined to buy the story in theory but there should be some proof to back it up. Somewhere out there there’s a woodyboater who’s also a horse freak. That person probably has the dough to pay big bucks. Get two of them bidding against each other and this could bring a good deal of cash. Not sure about the wisdom of using eBay and the seller should have done a lot more research to really bring the big bucks. I’ll be watching.

  11. Bill Anderson

    This should sell quick, I love it,,more documentation would help but even to build it still seems like a good buy,be great to pull up to a summer watering hole for a drink,I could do this in glass pretty easy for me,if I needed a project,Bill

  12. Jim Staib

    Neat piece. Don’t believe the story with 12V, modern lights and dual exhaust. I’d still like to have it!
    Today would be the perfect day for a test drive.

  13. WoodyGal

    Alex, your kids would love a horse! It would look so cool parked outside The Islander!

    • Alex

      WoodyGal, I already have over 3,000 horses. If I buy one more, my wife will make me sleep in the barn with them.

      • WoodyGal

        OK, forget the horses! Put the sleigh on waterskies & ski into the Islander!

  14. Nautilus

    Any vintage one-horse open sleigh is worth $1,000. If there is provenance to back up the claims, I think it would be worth a lot more than the asking price. If it were mine, I’d be inclined to donate it to the Clayton Museum and take a big tax deduction. I agree that Ebay is a poor venue for selling something like this. A Mecum auction would likely drive the price close to $10,000, assuming verification of origin.

    I’d like to have seen gauges in the dash but inserting all those sending units into a horses butt each time would become a nuisance.

  15. Rabbit

    Thanks, Dreed. It would be the perfect vehicle for a few Faribault blankets. I’ve got to believe it would also be the perfect addition for some of the important collectors up in Gull Lake, Minnesota. Yet another draw to the International this year.

  16. Troy in ANE

    This would be very fitting since we have received 3 feet of snow in the last week and are looking at almost another foot tomorrow.

    It is a good thing I am not into horses or I would HAVE to own this, but if I was into horses I would be even more broke than I am and would not have the money to by it.

    Looking forward to tomorrows new offering from Rabbit.

  17. Dick Dow

    I’m in agreement with the comment above re: 12v, modern lights and adding in, incorrect cleats. That said, Dick Werner needs this item… 🙂