Ineeda wants to give you the shaft! 43 inches to be specific!

Remember Ineeda Parts? Well, she is back and today love us long time fellow Woody Boater Mike Mayor is asking Ineeda for some help. Of course while we have Ineeda on the line, go ahead and ask for what you Needa!

Yes Darling, what do you need?

Here is how it works. In the comment section place your part need. NOT what you are selling, just what you need..a part you can’t find. This is a public service that we do from time to time to connect folks to parts.

Its still in the works.


The classified section is in limbo till we can build it out. It’s all ready from a technical stand point, just needs help that I can’t seem to get to.. I suppose we Needa helper! Any way, here is Mikes Request!

Shaft 1

Needed for a Gar Wood!

shaft 2

Ineeda and Gar knew each other! Really!

From Mike, “Here are a few pic’s of the ROSS steering gear I need for the Gar Wood I’m restoring. It is a port helm and the column needs to be 43” long. If you can include this in your next INEEDA story I’d appreciate it. I need it….bad.”

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74 Responses to “Ineeda Parts Is At Work Again!”
  1. cutwaterwaterguy

    I needa windshield glass tracing/pattern of a 1936, 37 or 38 Gar Wood 16′ Speedster or 16′ Double cockpit runabout. Thanks 4 any help.

  2. William Hammond

    I need either a pattern for a swim platform or an actual one. It needs to fit a 1960 36′ Constellation. There was a solid mahogany platform on it when I got it but it was rotten. My Boatwright discarded after pulling all of the usable wood out of it. He’s planning on making another one but he’s laid up for a while following shoulder surgeries. Sadly he didn’t make a pattern (he doesn’t need one, but I do!). The beam is 12′ but I don’t know what the actual width of the transom is – I’ll have to get over and measure it. Didn’t know Ineeda was visiting today so not really quite prepared.

    • Troy in ANE

      Bill I would be glad to get you any measurements and info you need. Mine is a 38’er but they have to be close. It is built in two pieces. The inner gating and the outer frame.

      • floyd r turbo

        William, I have a 12′ wide platform very similar to Troy’s photo. Will be late evening before I can get home. Not sure if its teak or mahogany as its buried in my parts storage. May need daylight to take an accurate picture if you’re interested. Bought it for a 41′ CC cruiser deal that fell through. If interested further let me know.

  3. Tom Gruenauer

    Looking for 1 1/8 wide rub rail, stainless or nickel, enough for a 24′ hull. I know I can get new stainless (very expensive).

    • John A. Gambill

      I purchased new 1.25″ wide Stainless rub rail in 12′ lengths for my XK22 from RSE Inc. P. O. Box 26 51529 Birch Street New Baltimore Michigan phone 586 725 0192 Att: Steve.
      I bought hollow back half oval in 12 footers for the sides and solid back for the bow and rear corners, you can’t bend hollow back around corners, it will kink., and you have make a mold for the bow and rear corners and heat solid back red hot with acetylene and beat it around the mold with a led hammer then sand and buff it out on a wheel. If you aren’t going to do the bow or corner radius you can also buy rail ends from them very reasonable and just buy the hollow back product.
      Here’s the best part, I paid $120.00 for the solid 12 footers each and $17.00 each for the hollow half oval 12 foot product. The product comes pre drilled and is #304 grade Stainless. I did my entire XK 22 for $390.00 and installed it myself. Yes, the holes with probably not line up with the old ones so just full the old holes and drill for the new rail as it does on. I purchased the product in 2012 so there could be a small cost increase by now. RSE will ship it in hard paper tube so don’t worry about it getting bent or dinged up. They also have it in different lengths and widths. If you are pricing your stainless from West Marine or Toco you will pay 4 times this or more, worth a call. Hope this helps,

    • Brian Robinson


      Jim Thorpe is the ONLY source for the correct type A rail. Originally your boat was two-piece each side, white brass, aka nickel silver, aka German silver. I realize Jim can only make it in stainless steel, but it is far better than the alternative, and he has the correct early end stamp. There is a place in Michigan that claims to make the original stuff, but it is half-ROUND, not half-OVAL like it should be. I assume this is what the new GarWoods and Hacker-Craft’s are using as well.

  4. Ed F.

    Welcome back Ineeda, we have missed you. I needa deck horn for a ’39 Chris Craft Custom, a source for sewing correct hidum and the metal ends for the hidum for the same boat.

    • Don Ayers

      Hideum call Enfield Auto Restoration in CT. They can shave the leather down and make correct hideum. Ask for thread as well instead of mono-filament. horns on Ebay pretty often or call Staib. You can also buy a new top. I don’t know who rebuilds the horns these days. Used to be a very nice older guy named Cecil Nuxol but he passed away. There is a correct horn tag that can be purchased from Cal Classic Boats. Talk to Al. Hope this helps

    • Randy

      Contact Bill or Scott Turner at AristoCraft Boat Co., (770) 475-5455, or He can tell you what standard manufacture’s brand would have been used for 1956. These assemblies are available on eBay every so often, and he may have a spare he could sell.
      They did an incredible job restoring my 1955 Torpedo!!!!!

  5. John heiderich

    I need a stern flag pole and light for a 48 Century Seamaid.

  6. cenger

    I need cockpit metal trim for a 1929 28′ Gar Wood. both forward and aft cockpits.

  7. Michael A. Hill

    Ineeda perpetually well funded, yet tax sheltered trust fund.

  8. John Rothert

    I need to sell some stuff…so we need to get Matt some help erecting the for sale section of woodyboater.

    John in Va.

  9. Sean

    My neverendingsearch is for an Air guide speedometer model #707 “dolphin” or similar deck mount.

  10. Bill Andersen

    Needa Fairlead for a 26′ dodge 1929 pre mermaid. Also gauge set for 16′ 1941 cc deluxe. have line on some unrestored, thanks Jim hoping to find restored ones.. Thanks Bill 9208194988

  11. Troy in ANE

    I NEEDA stern light for a 1958 Continental. I know these are hard to find, but a guy’s AGOTTA try.

    • Brian Flaherty

      There are a few on eBay right now but not sure if they are correct for your boat or possibly for a cruiser of the same era…

      I know “Second Wave” here in Seattle had one a while back but they went out of business and I’m not sure where their inventory went now.

      • Troy in ANE

        Thanks Brian!

        Neither of them looks quite right. I will get more details.

  12. M&M

    68 Resorter Lake of the Ozarks, MO. Circulating hose from the front of the engine to the back. runs across the top of the engine. Larger diameter on one end than the other

  13. Jason

    Ineeda an “Atom Skier” emblem like the one in the following photo for a 1963 Correct Craft.

  14. Russ Murray

    Ineeda – “horizontal” tachometer for my 1931 17′ “Split Cockpit Runabout”. Have checked with all of the “usual suspects”. Attached pic is from a ACBS member’s restored boat.

    • Cenger

      I needed a barrel tach for my Gar Wood. I collected a few different ones and sent the best one off to Mark Clawson to be converted and restored. As long as you have the guts he can restore. Let me know if any of these will work. You can have for the cost of shipping.

      • Russ Murray

        Thanks so much. Now I know the correct nomenclature. Do you know/have the diameters? Picture is a little dark and not “enlargeable”. Do you know the “protocol” for me providing my direct email via this site? Don’t want to get in trouble with Ineeda.

  15. Nautilus

    Ineeda pair of Chris Craft 26″ script emblems with stars…decent “driver” condition without corrosion. NOS would be nice if I can afford them!

  16. Eric Zelman

    Ineeda Wagemaker Wolverine hull emblem to match this one. Thanks

  17. Peter Gantt

    I’m looking for the correct stearing wheel for my 1963 Chris Craft Custom Ski. Thank you, Peter

  18. Mike W

    Would love to find the bracket just behind the carb that sits on the intake manifold. Its for a Q. Of course the pole and chrome eye would be welcome too.

    • Brian Flaherty

      Are you looking for the bracket shown in your picture or the one that attaches between that and the transmission? Pic below is my ’69 327Q… I don’t have any spares but I have a lot of free time that I could take measurements and model the parts in 3D for ANY metal fabricator to reproduce.

      • Frederik W Leeger

        Hello Brian. Happy New Year. Just pick up a 69 Cavalier. A Diamond in the rough. If any of those pictures, sketches and dimensions for the 327Q ski bracket are still available, it would be greatly appreciated. Looking to ski behind it by summer, if all goes well. Thanks. Old School.

      • Frederik W Leeger

        Hello Brian. Happy New Year. Just picked up a 69 Cavalier. A Diamond in the rough. If any of those pictures, sketches and dimensions for the 327Q ski bracket are still available, it would be greatly appreciated. Looking to ski behind it by summer, if all goes well. Thanks, Old School.

  19. Mike

    I am looking for either a Marine Gray Engine model 4-60 or 4-62 for parts. I am rebuilding a 1935 model 4-60 and need main bearing shells.

  20. thomas d

    i need to know what brand of gloss red bottom paint was used on the step hydroplane miss step. i also have 2 gal. of not glossy red bottom paint cheap.

  21. Jim Hilton

    Anybody know of -or even have seen before- a swim ladder of this type? In the pic it’s sitting on the cabin roof, and has ovals.
    The ovals are grooved on the edge, and you run a lenght of rope around them and back up the other side. The ladder itself hangs over stern, the rope as acts as a cushion so your stern doesn’t get marred as people climb in and out. There are two dowels connected to each oval, thus making the step.

    There is one of these on ebay that has 8 or 10 steps. I only need 4. But the guy wants a fortune for something he found sitting in a barn for 40 years and we couldn’t come to terms on price. I may have to bite the bullet…..

  22. Nautilus

    Ineeda recommendation for a gloss alkyd paint for use on bottoms of boats used in fresh water only and sometimes trailered. I don’t want the paint to turn “cloudy” after one or two dunkings. Any experience with this? Any recommendations? Thanks!

  23. Michael Vannier

    Can anyone recommend a source for this J Trim used on Chris Craft cruisers. Mine is a 1960 Cavalier Custom Cruiser. I thought I had finally found it through Freeport Marine, but when it arrived it was the wrong material. Unfortunately, they had to cut it for shipping so I couldn’t return it.

  24. Michael Vannier

    I have a Sherwood water pump that is leaking, model L9980G with brass impellers. We’ve ordered a couple sets of gaskets from suppliers, but all have been wrong. Would greatly appreciate any information as to sources. I’m trying to avoid replacing it with a new pump. Thank you

  25. Lori

    My husband, Nick, just acquired a late 1950’s or early 1960’s, 14-foot Sea King that he’s just started restoring in his workshop. He’s looking for hardware for it, including: a windshield, steering wheel, lights, mounts, etc., as well as a 25-horsepower motor.

    His great grandpa, Joseph Kramen, used to build wooden boats in Hessel, Michigan (Joseph & Son Boat Works) in the late 1800’s and he remembers helping him as a young boy.