Thayer 2 -1Thayer IV, Then Thayer III and Now! Thayer II…and 1/2 makes it’s Woody Boater debut. Live ish from Katz’s Marina on Lake Hopatcong is the new 2015 Woody Boater photo boat. Thayer II 1/2 an amazing 1950 18′ Chris-Craft Sportsman. I spent some time in Chads U 18 Lily on Torch lake and was impressed with its performance and social layout.

thayer 2-4

All photos from Bob Kays!

Still being worked on,  but almost complete as a wonderful preserved Woody Boat.

Thayer II 1/2 in all her glory. A portable U-18


This is slated to be the official Woody Boater photo boat we will be taking to shows and events to take cool pictures. Not Florida though, Katz’s Marina is bringing 4 Cobras to Florida to take part in the 60th Anniversary Celebration.


Finito the last 21′ Cobra all set to go to Lake Dora

Thayer II 1/2 will be ready though for summer. But yesterday was Alan Johnson time. Famed pinstriper and letterer did his magic and gave the little Thayerlet a perfect fun name.


Alan doing his thing!

Thayer II-7

Almost ready for her closeup Mr DeMilel!

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16 Responses to “From The Film, On Golden Puddle! Thayer II 1/2”
  1. Rick

    18′? Mine is 1950 and only 17′, and I have the drawing of how they extended that from the 16′. Did they really do a 17 and 18 in the same year? The beam also appears much larger than mine. Going to have to dig out my Essential Guide when the sun comes up.

  2. Chad

    Love my photo boat. Love your photo boat.

    I’ll take a picture of you taking a picture of me. Then Matt B can fly his drone overhead to get a picture of us taking pictures of each other.

  3. Greg Lewandowski

    Will Thayer II 1/2 be coming home to Algonac in June?

  4. Steve Moreau

    Watch where u boys put those camera ya’ll may get bit!

  5. Paul H.

    Hey, I thought the venerable Kabot’s Habit was the WB shoot boat? Maybe just for FLA… can split its’ time between being a the saloon boat and the photo boat at Sunnylasnd I guess.

  6. Randy

    Well, downsizing the boat = downsize the truck!!!!! So long BIG Ford, hello little Crosley.

    • Floyd R Turbo

      And I’ve got the perfect little boat to pull behind that p/up…a ’57 Crosley powered Yellow Jacket inboard.