Up it goes!

It’s official, the sign is up! And that means one thing. Grand Opening party with lot’s of fun Woody Boaters all ready to have fun and party. The big night is Thursday night at around 4 til your kicked out. BBQ, suds and Varnish. mmmmm A big special thanks to Antique Boat Center, Hagerty, The Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, and the Sunnyland chapter of the ACBS for chipping in to make this a fun low pressure fun night!

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7 Responses to “Antique Boat Center At Rejuvenation Boat Works Is Ready To Party!”
  1. Bill Hammond

    Congratulations to The Antique Boat Center & Rejuvenation BoatWorks!! Party On!!

  2. Bill Hammond

    Congratulations to The Antique Boat Center & Rejuvenation BoatWorks! Party On!

  3. Bill Hammond

    Your Math Captcha was malfunctioning. Apparently it finally figured out I was right! Hence the double post!! Sorry! LOL!!

  4. Marine

    Congratulations! There is something incredibly historical and beautiful about wooden boats, especially when they are restored to their original glory.

  5. Stan Petersen

    A big HELLO and WELCOME to Florida. Looking forward to seeing the ABC guys and gals this week.

  6. Kentucky Wonder

    Really wish we could be there to congratulate everyone!

    At the extreme lower right of the sign installation photo, there is a piece of wood that now sports lettering spelling out Antique Boat Center. That piece is the original footboard from our Greavette. It is near the entrance steps. Touch the wood as a wish for good luck for WoodyBoaters everywhere! Free boat rides to anyone who touches the wood!

  7. Carla

    Finally arrived in Tavares! Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at Antique Boat Center’s latest addition!