7 Responses to “Bring On The New Chris Craft Wow! ”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    It’s about time they woke up and offered a v drive!!!

  2. m-fine

    I love the blend of leather wood and chrome on those interiors. They really are doing a great job with design.

  3. Steve Moreau

    I though I seen this boat the other day but the pics and video was a lil fuzzy. I couldn’t make it out and thought it was a Bayliner and I know the distaste that flows here for those boats so I didn’t say anything! However now other problems I was having with internet (AL-Gorenet) I had to clean out the heat exchanger again and it looks a little bit better now. But seriously the leather could be a lil bit lighter, it sorta has a oranges tint (no offence to Punk-in but I think if you gonna do Orange look at Pink-in now that’s an cool orange boat) . And that 6 liter should be OK for a stock unit.

  4. Anonymous

    My one problem is the back of the boat below the water line it looks like the i/o they need to build an entire boat specificly for a v drive not just slightly modified i/o just sayin

  5. Matt

    You all need to see this boat in person. Its perfect! The interior is the perfect tone for the color on the hull. You can compare it to the lighter interior on the silver one next to it. Also note the cool detail of the Chris Craft blue in the engine area. Chris Craft has gone way out on this. You need to see it in all its glory. We go out on Saturday by the way on a great water test.

  6. Steve Moreau

    Oh yea Matt just poking around and wishing I could be there. but they may band me from the cc tent as I would have drool all over that one. The blue on the engine is the perfect shade, It would look better on the 8.1 though