copper7While at the Lake Dora show, I was running around and actually missed many boats. On Saturday it was hard to even walk the docks and was out on the water shooting boats in action. While hopping onto the boat I noticed this amazing boat. Copper metal work, the stacks, wow!


This is beyond cool!

Then while out on the water shooting more stuff, I noticed it heading to Mt. Dora, and chased it down and captured the header and this one action shot, but have no clue as to what it is.

copper run

I saw this from across the lake, The Termite Terror can hit about 50 so was able to atleast capture the header.


I also noticed a fellow Woody Boater who clearly felt the same! So anyone know? Bring it on.

copper2 copper5

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24 Responses to “One Of My Favorite Boats At The Show, And I Have No Idea What It Iz?”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    The lines and layout look a lot like a Dodge Water Car, but if so, if think it’s been modified in the power department.

    • Jimmy

      It was a 1947 Chris Craft express cruiser red and white the stacks are real he has cut outs look down the pipes you’ll see smaller pipes inside the copper pipes

  2. charley quimby

    Found it on the Antique Boat Center site. Modified 47 Chris hull, Supercharged 532 GM. Not a lot of technical info. ABC sold it for 68K. CQ

  3. Steve Moreau

    Very nice. No offense but that would be a Herman Munster boat for sure could u see Lilly riding at 50mph with that black and white hair following behind. If u don’t know the Munster’s just forget it. Way cool stuff though. I’d pay 68K for it!

  4. m-fine

    That can’t be the answer or you would wear it away to nothing with 24/7 polishing. They must have some sort of clear coat on there but how durable can that be?

  5. Brian k

    I have ridden in the boat. It goes faster than it should. It also has a power glide transmission in case you need a lower gear!. Truly a terror

  6. Steve Moreau

    I think the stacks are for show, exhaust through transom. Some kind of acrylic clear coat should work well enough to get it between varnish jobs.

    Power glide nice Herman would be proud

    • Rick

      If they’re non-functional maybe caliope music comes out of them?

    • Jimmy

      The stacks are real he must have cut outs I saw it yesterday at the Hartwell show there are smaller pipes inside the copper tubes

  7. Chris Wade

    Very cool, but all I can think of is “Chtty-Chitty -Bang-Bang” lol

  8. Nautilus

    I took a good look at those exhaust stacks. There are steel tubes inside the copper outside jackets with maybe 1/4″ of space between them. The steel is a little shorter than the copper and so not obvious unless you look straight down.

  9. Nehmer kid

    It was at Hessel many many years ago and its a modified boat that someone in the U.P had. The people attending the show really liked it as it won an award. The stacks are for show only.

  10. Sheila

    Hey there! I brokered the sale of this boat this past summer to Tommy Watson from Georgia. Super great guy! I’ll pass on the specs to you later this afternoon when I get back to my office and give Tommy a call as well. He’ll get a kick out of this! It was a Gentleman’s Racer belonging to a widow that was custom built by her late husband.

  11. Jani Vahto

    Wow! Is there any videos of the boat? I want to hear what she sounds like and see her on the move! 🙂

  12. Denis D

    I stood next to it on the dock when he started and revved the engine. The copper stacks are functional as are the transom exhausts, sounds wicked, especially with the supercharger whining. Cool boat.

    Denis D

  13. tommy watson

    my name is tommy Watson I am the owner of roaring twenties if you would like to contact me at 912-222-4773 I can give you info on the boat I have some interesting stuff

  14. m-fine

    Matt or Texx, call the man! I bet you could milk that boat for two or three stories.

  15. tommy watson

    the exaust pipes on the top deck do work I put summit racing cutouts on it so you can turn the stacks on or off at the flick of a switch the boat was a 1947 express what a transformation to a early 20s gentalmens racer I have not taken her there yet but the guy that built her said 69mph its a big block chevy bored to a 532 stroker with a 871 supercharger with a gm 400 automatic transmission you can shift gears!

  16. tommy watson

    the copper was done 20 years ago and is in pretty good shape I intend to replate copper and varnish this year!

    • Dallas Cooley

      This is a really cool boat Tommy! After you polish that copper we can put a clear coat powder coat on it if you’d like… perhaps trade for a ride. 🙂

  17. Tuobanur

    Now that’s what I call a Hot Rod,,,heard it run at the show and it was bad ass!! 🙂