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Becky says Hi.

If you were in Florida this past weekend you may have met our friend Becky Haynie. She is from Reedville Virgina our home town and the Boatress’s best friend. She has been boating since she was the age of two. Reedville is a working fishing town in Virginia. Now you may wonder why I am making such a bold claim about Becky. Well, there’re a lot of Becky’s out there. And it dawned on us here at Woody Boater that while she was zipping around in a rare Cobra, or Burts Baby Donzi, or a 40 ft Gar Wood, she was here with the Boatress, and together they had a blast.

FLA 2015 Becky 8

Woody Boater Frank Bauer and his amazing Cobra

FLA 2015 Becky-1

Here you drive Becky!


FLA 2015 BECKY 3

The best vacation in years as Becky put it. And the Boatress had fun, lots of fun. More fun than ever before, the rides were amazing and made the perfect weekend. Fellow Woody Boater Frank Bauer invited Becky to go out and run his rare Cobra on a fun ride. Dang.. At first she thought it might be to forward, until she met the everyone, understanding how fun and open everyone is in this passion.

Becky Donzi

And then an amazing ride with the LaDonne, Burt Harris clan!

becky donzi 2

That’s one big smile!

Becky fast

Floor it Ken!, I think that’s Ken.. Or Bert,

We spent time boating, not showing, and went out at night to cool restaurants, and met up with folks at the dock. We made it a fun social weekend rather than a nut and bolt show. And now we have two more passionate folks in the Classic Boat culture thanks to the community. The LaDonne’s, Burt, Lisa, Frank, Jimmy, Karen, Seth, Dave Bortner, all those guys made it fun.

suzy Donzi 3

The Boatress in the center got into it. I have never been able to get her into a speed boat! Thats Ken LaDonne driving and Lisa Harris next to the boatress!

Suzy Donzi fun

Thats one HUGE smile I see. She is already talking about next year!

Suzy Donzi6

Wooohooo! Next stop Algonac!

suzy donzi-1Think for a second. Maybe a bring a friend of your spouse deal. Offer free admission..If your spouse, loved one or best pal would come with you, we could in one invite double the attendance of our events, and one other critical thing.  Be a total team player in our purchase disorder of the need to own more than one…or 5 boats. That’s it, it’s that simple. It’s fast win win solution. Thanks Becky!

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15 Responses to “Meet Becky, The Future Of The Classic Boat Culture.”
  1. Steve Moreau

    Matt what a devilish plan! Work the ranks and increase the following, and all the while plotting the approval of the next covenant boat for your collections! Well however you get there just don’t sell out your sole.

    Hello Becky come-on in the waters fine!

  2. Troy in FL

    It was GREAT to meat Becky. Also LOVE her whole business concept of “See it from the water”. She better not buy a Donzi for her business or the customers may never get to see the properties, but they sure will have fun!

    My Brother Rory and his wife Tammy cane to the show for the first time and also had a BLAST! (They even joined the CCABC)

    We are also making plans for next year with some glass and 2017 with at least 2 Continentals.

  3. P.D. O'Keefe

    Looks like there may be a Woody boat on your next Christmas list Becky!

    • Status detective

      John, based on the first photo of the article which shows a hint of sparkle on Becky’s left ring finger I would venture to conclude that she is a Mrs…

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    Matt, all of us Michigan Chapter folks are looking forward to partying with Becky, the Boatress and your gang at your next stop in Algonac. All the rest of you WoodyBoaters are also invited to join us June 26 – 28 in Algonac, the place ‘Where it all Began”!

    • Greg Lewandowski

      M-fine, shoot me an email at greglewand@aol.com, and I can send you lodging info.
      If anyone else needs Algonac info, please also feel free to contact me.

  5. Al Benton

    I did my part in doubling the the count as well. I brought my boatless along this year and this time she took to it like a duck to water (almost). The problem is that she was most impressed with her amazing ride in Rum Runner and wants one just like it. I mentioned that there are other ducks in the same pond, but she wasn’t impressed.

  6. Steve M

    Great to finally meet you in person. The coffee cups are awesome! I ordered 12 from the website. Definitely worth the trip from California. Sunnyland will be on schedule as an annual “Must Go”! What a great mix of boats, something for everyone. Terry and crew did a fantastic job!!!