$(KGrHqV,!oEFBgT+uC87BQpRRgVLWg~~60_12If you were one of the four thousand people that tuned in yesterday you may have seen that the citizens of Woodyboaterville hooked up Captain Bill with a new custom made burgee for his family boat. The hero of the day Jim Staib led us all to “The Flag Chick” who makes, you guessed it custom made Burgees.


Take your boat out for a little dip.. Get it, Dip, Nacho.. Ugh


She lives on Ebay and Etsy, Etsy is another web site that houses antiques and craft , art stuff. I think you have to sign up for it One more password to forget, ugh. Anyway, making your own burgee is a very cool custom touch. So happy burgee making.




The Burgee!


Ellie Mae and Miss Hathaway! They don’t make Burgees, they just made us laugh!



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8 Responses to “Flag Chick – Custom Made Burgees Saves The Day!”
  1. John Baas

    Ya hey….here’s my Flag Chick-made pennant. If it’s got one point its a pennant….two points (swallow tail) its a burgee?

  2. thomas

    anyone know where i could get a “Utility” decal for my ’38 C-C utility, i need to cover a spot on the bow, thanks.

  3. Troy in ANE

    It is so great to have a place where you can find stuff like this!

    Thanks Matt and Texx for your service to our community.

  4. Hamster

    It is very cool to be able to go to a place with like minded souls every morning .

  5. Texx

    We just received the following message from fellow Woody Boater Captain Bill – who was in touch with FLAG CHICK today regarding his Owens burgee order. He mentioned todays story to her and here’s how she responded –

    “How sweet!! Thank you very much Bill.”

    “I see my Etsy shop has had a big jump in traffic yesterday and today! I am going to give you guys a coupon code for this year, maybe you can let your pals know to type in “woodyboaters” for 10% off the Etsy shop.”

    “I’ll leave this code up til Dec. 30.”

    Many thanks, Pamela