Bob Kays Naked Blonde!

Another one in the booth that just got stain

It happened this weekend, our first sniff of fresh varnish up on Lake Hopatcong visiting pals and talking boat stuff. I made the trip to Katzs Marina to just hang out really. No real thing to report, just catch up on things.Sometimes just hanging out is good enough. The Marina was cranking, even though the lake is down a foot or so, folks are getting ready a summer of boating, and boats are being finished up from the winters work. I did grab an eclectic bunch of iphone snap shots with no real connection other than capturing a fun walk through one of the worlds top classic Boat shops.

bleach job

Another with a fresh bleach job.

Another almost finished with fresh refresh.


cobra clothed

A cobra under cover waiting for more water.


Brushes waiting to do what they do best.


A fun familiar name being comped up on a cobra by Alan Johnson

Sand varnish

Sanding between coats of varnish


Detail on Thayer II 1/2


More work on a cool little utility


rocket 3

Time to polish the rocket!

rocket 2

And then deliver it to the local fair. This is a amusement ride.

Pumpkin donzi

And then a visit to Pumpkin. Parked next to a Donzi. Wow what a statement. This is the Showroom at Marina 2 on the Lake.


And later, we are going to show you this extremely rare Correct craft.


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17 Responses to “A Fun Day At The Marina – Our Annual Spring Pilgrimage To Katz’s”
  1. Bob Kays

    The amusement ride Matt pictures was from Bertrand’s Island Amusement Park on Lake Hopatcong. The ride is part of the Lake Hopatcong Historical Museum collection, kindly stored by Katz Marina. The ride was called the “Rocket ” . This rocket was saved by fellow woody boater, the late Russ Fisher and donated to the museum.

  2. Al Benton

    I enjoy the sanding stage when building up varnish (I know – boring for most). But it’s so rewarding as you approach a level, even coating with no shiny depressions toward the final stages. Even the early stages are rewarding as you look forward to applying another even coat of varnish, knowing that it will be closer to being level than the last coat.

    • John Baas

      Al, I’m with you on the sanding and varnishing. Instant gratification!!

  3. Verne

    I spent many an evening as a kid enjoying Bertrand’s Island. Always went there by boat. I remember riding the Rocket.

  4. Jim Staib

    WHAT!! No shots of Seth with his hands in his pockets?

  5. Troy in ANE

    Always great to hang out at a boat shop for a while.

    Is Suzy already home?

  6. Nautilus

    Let’s hope Katz’s insurance company doesn’t see the way Tommy has that flathead sitting on a rolling cradle. Very bad idea. There are four engine mounts. Build a cradle that fits them or at least set the engine on the floor with chocks.

    • m-fine

      He has it properly chocked with a random piece of rope. Plus, you have no idea what Matt photoshopped out of the picture like the support wires.

  7. Matt

    Yes, I retouched stuff to create that look of a seamless background.

  8. Alan A

    Now I can’t believe no one has commented on the lady with curlers in her hair riding the tilt-a-whirl in Bob’s photo. Boy does that bring back some memories.

  9. Matt

    HAHAHAHA! Thats funny as hell. Here is a post card being plastered all over the web 50 years later.. And she is in curlers.. Just prooves that you should always look your best when you go out

    • Bob Kays

      What you are seeing is the latest in NJ hairdryers in the 1960’s.

  10. Brian Flaherty

    What model or those two boats with the blonde plants but pointed bow? Looks like this would be a fun place to visit anytime of year!!