WOW! Correct Craft Separator at Katz’s marina

If you’re into cool classic boats, well, be prepared to have one more dam boat to add to your lust list. And these are afordable, cool, and not a huge deal to restore…compared to a 25 sportsman sedan that is.. But for the bucks, ahh hell regardless of the money, these are one cool as all get out boats. Of course I was introduced to one at Katzs Marina this past weekend. Seth has a family thing for Correct Crafts and the Separator and Torino models are considered some of the most collectable. The bat boat windshield alone is worth it by the way. But the many cool 70’s colors these come in is part of the groove man. Add in some wicked muscle in a small boat, and you have a very cool classic plastic boat that I would be proud to buzz the dock of triples with!
Now.. If you are about to go on ebay to look for one for sale. WOW, today is your lucky day..ish..

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 6.11.51 PM

No cool windshield. BUT it is the ONLY one ever made with a jet drive. So that part is cool.

For me personally though its all about the Avocado Green, and Bat windshields and Holman Moody 351, and cool dash, and cool wheel, and……. Thanks to Seth for sharing a before image and a peak behind the scenes..

correct craft torino

The deck was painted back in the day when a metal flake green was the thing.. Sides are still factory avocado, as is the interior.


Three ugly colors all working together in a way that just screams. RESTORE ME!


Ouch.. I bet this sucker moves along just fine

IMG_5715 Well, and it just so happens there is a guy on youtube that just loves his Avocado Correct Craft Torino. Here ya go.

OK, now it just gets strange!

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14 Responses to “Spectacular Correct Craft Separator!”
  1. m-fine

    You would have to be a complete idiot to buy and old rare jet boat. If I could only remember my ebay password…

    • Alex

      I bought not one, but two old jet boats. Totally restored one of them.

      You are absolutely correct. I am an idiot.

      But at least I look cool in it. And at 52 going on 53, that’s huge!

      • m-fine

        Alex, you should hit the but it now for the correct craft jet on ebay. It would be the perfect companion to your xk-18!

  2. WoodyGal

    Love the Avocado green hull, I can picture myself cruising down the lake in it! WOOHOO!

  3. Jack Schneiberg

    You know those “selfie” videos reminded me this morning that in my case it doesn’t matter so much what color or material it is moving through the water…….the sound of an inboard – 4, or 6, or V8……V12, V16……doesn’t much matter. The sound just wakes up my boating soul. Hell with the office today, I’m gonna go find me a boat ride.

  4. Mike Thrower

    I have a 1971 Correct Craft Separator, Hull# 1711 White with Red Stripe Holman Moody 351. There is a guy on that has a large collection of them. It is probably the coolest boat in my fleet !

  5. Briant

    Holy beehives, Batman! The Green Hornet ripped off our boat and painted the damn thing.

  6. Chris Mars

    Love to Avocado Green and funky colors. Here’s my 1972 Avocado Green Correct Craft Skier waiting restoration.

  7. Dale Sirois

    If the Pumpkin is the Pumpkin, what is this the Lime… or maybe better the Sour Apple?

  8. cenger

    This years penile impulse. Its nice to do 50 mph for a change!