Randy Mueller on his Matthews

You have one more magical day today to enjoy the freedom that so many have fought and died for. Our American made water craft are the epitome of freedom. To be able to go everywhere you like, and what ever speed, or just sit and fish.


Floyd R Turbo s photo says it all

Our classic boats do all that. Now I say that because so many boats today don’t have a place to show our colors. Our boats do, and it’s one the most wonderful parts of our rides.


Chads reflection of a flag looks great on Lily

So today on Woody Boater, show us your flags, your spirit of freedom and why modern boats should have flags as the critical part of what why we own boats in the first place. Freedom.. Thanks to all our men and woman who have served for that!


Bob Kays captures the all American look on Lake Hopatcong.


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32 Responses to “Wave Your Flag In Memory Of What Today Is All About.”
  1. Troy in ANE

    How about an action shot?

    Those W’s sure can do the job when asked.

  2. mike S

    Thank you to all who have served in defense of our freedom, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. We must never forget them.

  3. Peter Cross

    Grady Room flying the proud
    1963 Grady White at Spring Lake Mi.

  4. John D

    A bit bitter sweet as this was last weekend and first true flying of the flag/pole. Shortly after in a stiff wind and good boat speed it loosened and quickly disappeared under the waves. Now having another one made.

  5. Dennis Mykols

    Have a Great Holiday, we are in two local parades today promoting our Spring Lake Wooden Boat Show next Saturday, May 30th.

  6. Ron in Seattle

    As published in the Port Orchard paper at a Chris Craft Rendezvous. A great day to post as ITCHIN’ is a memory now….

  7. Brian Flaherty

    Thank you to all who have served and those who continue to protect our freedoms!

  8. Ollon

    From a Memorial Day long past. They’re all grown up now.

    • floyd r turbo

      Yes, that is an awesome shot, with perfect lighting and “flag furl”. Any “brightener” used on that flag? or did you tone down the rest? or was this au natural?

    • Jimmy

      Oops that was taken before the flags were put on here’s another

  9. floyd r turbo

    One more and thanks for the other photo credit.

  10. Texx

    Hey – No credit for capturing the Century script on the transom through the flying water? (Tough crowd…)

    Anyway – When Kentucky Wonder posted the great shot of Miss America IX at speed – it reminded me of this shot Robert Miracle snapped on Lake Sinclair in 2011. Charles Mistele gave Chris Smith (closest to the camera) and Al Smith (seated middle) on one of his famous “high speed” boat rides that day. – Texx

  11. floyd r turbo

    Texx, you’d think Frank Miklos would have at least chimed in. But you guys get access, I’ve got to deal with a boat owner who cares less whether I get a picture or not unless its for him or Captain “Tipster” – hammer down and always on the wrong side of the sun. But its his gas money, I can’t bitch (ok, I just did, sort of).