coke cooler 2

The cooler in PA

It’s 90 and humid as H E double hokey sticks.  I guess it’s summer now. And part of summer is an Ice Cold Coke….. Cooler. We have been snazzying up the back deck, by adding some stuff. A while back it was a cool transom from a local deadrise that was, well not rising from the dead in the near future.

Reedville 105
reedville -100

The future home of the Coke Cooler

And now this cool Coke cooler we found on Craigslist up in PA. I had to make the run after work, four hours up 3 back cause of the intense rush hour. Then another 3 hours south to Reedville.

reedville 103

Shot this morning, The Reedvile VA hq

Reedville VA Veiw

20 minutes later and its a new day!

Lots of thought while driving as to why I do this. Why drive so many miles for a moment of joy. Because I suppose the drive is the fun. The time on the road going to someplace or find something new to play with.

Coke cooler header

In the barn


The Barn

So you guessed it. Today, a treasured Saturday will be spent cleaning up and touching up a cool Coke Cooler for the back deck. Oh, and then go boating.. What?

Reedville Water

Termite waiting to Terrorize the Wicomico

You thought I was going to sit around in this heat and not get out there? You crazy or something? GET OUT THERE! Happy Saturday.


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24 Responses to “It’s Saturday, Guess What I’m Doing?”
  1. jim g

    Just clean it. Don’t touch it up. It looks good as it is. I have an old stand up coke machine from the 50’s. Most of the time there not to hard to get working. Mine just need a fan in it. Any big appliance parts warehouse should have parts. Just take the old one to match it up.

  2. m-fine

    Did you pick up any scrapple on your way through Pennsylvania? It is the perfect breakfast meat for those days where you are saving the bacon for lunch and dinner.

  3. Matt

    Ha, my plan is to just clean it, Possibly clear coat the fixed up rust areas.. Love the Patina. And no F’n way am I eating that Scrapple crap. HAHA.. My dad used to make us eat that.. Might as well stop and eat road kill..

  4. Troy in ANE

    Nice find Matt!

    That is going to look great on your deck.

    You keep it up and you are going to wish you got a long bed pickup truck. :0

  5. Richard Charles

    Is that a Trojan on the boat lift. restoring a 1958 Sea Queen

    • Matt

      Its Termite Terror a 17 Ft Chris Craft Cavalier. It Jimmys and sitting in our boat house. As to Suzy, we sold her last winter and looking… Suzy is still around though and belongs to jimmy. Its a crazy story. To many boats and not enough time to use them..

      • Greg Lewandowskk

        Matt, we will have to catch up on the boats in our lives in Algonac!

  6. Nautilus

    Scrapple is great stuff! It makes maximum use of the pig since it’s made by using scraps…”everything but the squeal.” I lived down here in Dixie for 10 years before scrapple became available locally. Now I’m in Hog Heaven!

  7. Rick

    My mission today is to start the little rubber band B in Panther to make sure it works before heading down to the St Michaels show in MD next weekend. The trailer has freshly packed bearings and the lights work so now time to make sure the CC floats and goes. Any other WoodyBoaters attending?

    • Pappy

      Rick, we will be carrying Li’l Rascal to St. Mikes from NC. 18′ CC Sea Skiff. We’ll look for ya.

  8. Eric

    Cool! Is this like the one left at the dump years ago? No strapping it on the roof this time!

  9. Kevin F

    I will be at the show this year; as I have been for the past 18 years. No boat this year, just two kids in tow.


    • Rick

      Kevin, come find me and say high. 17′ 1950 CC, Panther.
      1st time at this show for me.

  10. Bill Anderson

    I have quite a few coca cola coolers sitting around but this one I bought last week is small and neat,we use the bigger chest type and put Ice bulk for special in house shows ,car club walk throughs, see ya all in Mich in a few days Bill

  11. Bill Anderson

    This is a pic of a couple sat jobs, note little guy fishing with pole and stringer then fish in hostas,, when the flowers grow it should look like fishin in lilly pads,note anchor on left

  12. Nautilus

    I usually put vintage ribbed coolers in the vintage boats I restore. I like the aluminum ribbed design…reminds me of the old Ford Tri-motors. You can also find matching gallon jugs and thermos bottles. I get a lot of comments about them.

  13. Randy

    Congratulations on acquiring your first metal ‘vessel’. You have finally rounded out your fleet!

  14. Andy in Middletown

    Great score! I have a royal crown single unit I use for parties. Will fit 5 cases of beer, which get iced down since it lost its compressor, and will stay chilled for 24 hours! Great insulation in those old units.

  15. John Rothert

    Being boating all weekend…..thank god for the AC on the cruiser last night…but took the whirlwind for a long ride today!
    Going boating….and late next week begins a full week on the james river in a 27 foot dugout canoe!
    John in Va.

  16. floyd r turbo

    Put some of these in there for when M Fine comes to visit.

  17. Sean

    Just got here today (14th) as Sea-J needed to hit the water for a shakedown after some springtime maintenance. All performed well enough to celebrate with a tasty beverage from our modern glass door Coke fridge. See you at the Gravenhurst poker run / show in a couple of weeks.