Drop’m a Cobra

Reporter Steve Natale is reporting in from Obexers at the huge Lake Tahoe Show while we are on a Secret Road Trip today, will report in live as it all unfolds. This is gonna be a busy weekend in Woody Boaterville. Take it away Steve.

The boats are coming in! I just spoke to the Harbor Master and he confirmed 18 V-12 boats will be in the water tomorrow. Check out Henry Ford’s trick V-12 Hacker!

Thanks Steve..

image-05-08-15-11-48-1 image-05-08-15-11-48-2 image-05-08-15-11-48-3 image-05-08-15-11-48-4 image-05-08-15-11-48-5 image-05-08-15-11-48-6 image-05-08-15-11-48



WOW, there she is! We will have exclusive photos and the story later!


looks like a Tahoe poster!

obexers2 obexers4 obexers7

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7 Responses to “It’s Ramping Up To Be An Amazing Weekend, The Classics Are Coming To Tahoe.”
  1. Chris B.

    fords mistress is looking pretty hot for an old girl. Thats a lot of photos and its only Thursday. Looking forward to an exuberance display of wood and steel.

  2. Troy in ANE

    That is going to be an AMAZING show.

    Love the swim platform on the ’61 Continental.

    Keep the photo’s coming!

  3. Reddog

    I really think the photos that show clear water and the lake bottom under the boats are super neat.

  4. m-fine

    I think that 61 continental hard top came from the factory a few cylinders short of a V12, but she is still one of the hottest boats in the photos. Good thing she isn’t topless, or I might be drooling at the photos all day.

  5. Greg Lewandowski

    Nice early report of THE show this weekend. It is sad to see the extremely low water level that looks even worse than last year. I really hope they get a lot of rain (after the show)!

  6. floyd r turbo

    Another great photographer, thanks Steve for your pictorial feed here and on f/b. Fabulous Tahoe water.