“My Sweetie John Francis” 1954 33’ Staudacher Hacker Hydroplane

We are getting in live reports of one of the crown jewel Hdros sinking at the dock over night. Right now all we have is an image and no real report. Stay tuned for updates as they happen here on Woody Boater. The Hydro had just won Best Hacker of Show: 1954 33’ Staudacher Hacker Step Hydroplane 1500-hp., 12-cyl. Allison engine – Kenneth Muscatel, Seattle, WA

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9 Responses to “Report Live From Tahoe Show – Hydro Sinks At Dock.”
  1. Chris B.

    i hate it when that happens. at least its not to deep. We had this happen on the way to montreal boat show. pumped it out and had it at the show 3 days later. but its sure a frightful time to see it down under.

  2. MikeM

    It needed a boost to start at the afternoon “roar”. I’m guessing the battery(s) were low/dead and we got a lot of rain yesterday. Bilge pump probably wasn’t working. Definitely a horrible sight but those mechanics at the museum know what they’re doing and I’m sure it will be ok.

  3. floyd r turbo

    Ugh, sorry to see that misfortune. All recoverable with time and effort but there are going to be a lot of disappointed show attendants who may have want to see and hear her run.

  4. Randy

    Wow, this is really a shame to have happened!
    Years ago when I had a boat at this show (at Sierra Boat then) there was roving security after closing each evening, and I thought one of the purposes was to monitor for problems like this. After all the $$$’s spent to get these boats to this point you just don’t know what little ‘gremlins’ are capable of doing to jeopardize your investment.
    Don’t mean to point any fingers, but if this is not one of security’s purposes maybe it needs to be rethought.

  5. Sayra Spediacci

    Dominic and I saw it, before it sank. I noted it possibly was taking on water. Bummer deal! I hope everything turns out okay.

  6. KMKemper

    The MS John Francis lives! Today, I spotted her (him?) on a trailer in Auburn CA, where I live. This is just down the hill from Tahoe. Godspeed toward getting this amazing boat back up and going.

    • Texx

      Thanks KMKemper. We have a story on the recovery, etc in the next few days on Woody Boater. – Texx

  7. Brock Johnson

    Hey I was the diver on the job that salvaged this boat. Was unfortunate but interesting scenario. Nerve racking work on a boat of that caliber with a crowd of people watching.