YN number is?

Fellow Woody Boater Je Heiderich sent us in this special request. Fiberglassics couldnt figure it out. Lets show them whos boss is the obscure. Here is Je’s note. And yes thats Je’s name, I did not butcher his name.

Matt I’m hoping you or someone in the WoodyBoater family can help me discover what in the world I have purchased. The Seller (on Ebay) said the boat is a Mako shark made by Slickcraft, but I’m unable to find out any information so far. I have posted the question on Fiberglassics by again so far no one has any idea.
1231 (2)
The engine is a Johnson 18 HP from 1962. The boat is a two man craft with seating side by side. I’m starting the restoration process and so far I have the engine rebuilt and starting sanding and repairs to the haul.
The boat should be fun to runaround in. So if you can help in any way I would be thank full.

Je Heiderich



Woody Boater also did some basic research and right on ebay is a Hydro Mite II which has a familiar look and feel. Is it a Hydro Mite?

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 3.44.43 PM

One of two on ebay. Not the exact same, but close.


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17 Responses to “Enough Fancy Boat Talk’n, Let’s Play Another Round Of “Whatizit””
  1. Geoffrey Reynolds

    I have also seen this boat on eBay, checked with the past owner and a complete set of Slick Craft Boat Company brochures, and have come to the conclusion that this is NOT a SlickCraft. If it was, I would own it. 🙂 Still a cool boat!

  2. Troy in ANE

    I say it is a CoolCraft straight out of another dimension from the late ’60’s early ’70’s transported here during experiments conducted by Walter Bishop and William Bell.

    Hope you keep that AWESOME color!

  3. John Heiderich

    April, my better half has come up with a name for our unknown boat. Her name is the One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater. She will even have a cartoon drawing on the front deck.

  4. Alex

    Hydro-Mite is a good guess. Have you tried saying the Fiberglassics readers? Some of them specialize in knowing the oddities of the water. Best of luck solving the puzzle.

    As for a name, I vote for Eggplant.

    Or, if you want something fancier, translate that into French: Aubergine.

    Naaah. Eggplant is more fun.

    And Aubergine sounds too much like Evangeline. Evangeline burns little boats like this one for fuel.

  5. Gene Porter

    This boat was on a trailer at the Hilton during the Woodenboat Show at Mystic Seaport, which wouldn’t allow non-wood boats to be displayed.

    I look forward to someone discovering the origin.

  6. Steve H

    You might be able to find a friend at the Tennessee DMV who could look up the old registration and see what they have.

    • Brian F.

      Registrations are only as accurate the owner’s memory… I bought a Performer boats model “Havoc” that even had that written on a badge on the dash but the previous owner registered it as a Havoc boat, model Performer… Even our Chris-Craft Cavalier ski boat is confusing as it is hull number 16 and was sold late in 1968 so it is a ’69 fiberglass model but registered as a 1968!!

  7. Rabbit

    Stunning header, Matt. Amazing boat. Great line. And I noticed the new font you swiped from your transom.

  8. Matt

    Noticed the font did ya! Wecatchem Bold! The new WB font. More to come. The header is two shots made into one.

  9. Matt

    Yes thats a plastic cruiser, early 80s dock fixture. I felt like a little wood would help the shot and headline.

  10. Randy

    Gee, I wish it were that easy to put me on my boat in that kind of setting.

  11. Warren

    The registration is from New York….they have the letters backwards on one side of the boat. The e-bay add says owner is in NY and the other side reg # is correct

    • John heiderich

      Registration numbers are fake, note the five numbers in place of normal four. So please keep trying

  12. John Heiderich

    Eric, my thinking at this time is that the boat may be a Hydromite,. The link you sent is to one of Hydromites that I own that was converted to an electric by putting a trolling motor in place of the rudder. I have heard Hydromite made a two seater but no pictures have been found. The engine configuration is the same and the fiberglass weave looks the same also. Should be a fun boat to play with. Thanks all for your help.