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WE JUST GOT WORD THAT THIS SEGMENT HAS BEEN BUMPED TO ANOTHER DATE! It’s with great excitement that we are able to announce to the citizens of Woodyboaterville that there will be a  small segment on Wooden Motor Boats with CBS Corespondent Conor Knighton. Who takes close to 5 million viewers on a ride aboard some classic wooden motorboats, the sleek and elegant mahogany Chris-Craft vessels that hark back to a more elegant time. This is an amazing and wonderful feature for our culture. One could not target a more perfect audience for exposure and news show. I personally have been a long..looooong time viewer of CBS Sunday Morning and have considered it to be the top show on Television.


Conner interviewing Wayne Everso at his restoration shop in Algonac

CBS had called Don Ayers of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, and he in turn led them to us and the folks in Algonac. The show was shot in Algonac while we were there and the film crew could not have been nicer and patient, since it rained 80% of the time. Wayne Everso of Everso Marine Restorations , And Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service, and Woody Boater of the Month and “Mr Algonac” Pete Bouregard were interviewed as well. Now.. We have yet to see it as we write this, so, I have no idea what I said, or anyone else, and for all I know I could be filmed picking my nose? So this could be one of those awkward moments where we never make the cut, or say something stupid. Either way for all of you, it will be entertaining, and maybe we will crash the site? That’s always fun. I have been informed that the story is short and broad so folks get a general idea of the world we live in. So MAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN TOMORROW MORNING ON CBS SUNDAY MORNING, and if you missed Woody Boater today on Saturday and are reading this on Sunday Morning. For gods sake watch NOW, and if you are reading this After Sunday! HA, see what you missed.


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21 Responses to “Woody Boater And Our Wonderful World Of Woody Boats To Be Featured On CBS Sunday Morning UPDATE SEGMENT HAS BEEN BUMPED!”
  1. Tom McGowan

    For those of us who do not live in the U.S. and cannot watch, please record and post the entire segment tomorrow. Thanks.

    • Matt

      We will of course plaster the clip all over the universe! HA. If I am not picking my nose that is. For those of you not in the states, this is considered one of the top news shows on the air. We could not be more thrilled.

  2. Matt

    Here is Dave Bortner of Freedom Boat Service being interviewed with Coner. Now Dave was talking steering wheels. So… We will see. I tried to talk about the unique difference of Philips head screws and Reed and Prince. I wonder if that made the cut? HA

  3. Matt

    Here is the film crew filming Dave Bortner. They are in Wayne Everso’s insane cool XK

    • Art Armstrong

      Might I add………………..taken from the wonderful ship, MOLLY-O!

  4. m-fine

    In theory, I should be able to sit on my dock and use my phone to tell the Tivo sitting 50 miles away to record this. Hopefully I am not too old to get such cutting edge technology to work.

  5. Ranger

    Yes, please please be picking your nose! Congrats on the really cool news!

  6. Bill Hammond

    Even though it rained nearly the entire time we were there we did go see those wonderful boats. And we were there while they were filming! We walked past near the bridge while they were talking to Dave Bortner and so might be in the “crowd” shot in the background. We’ll be easy to recognize as we have a pair of umbrellas….and are the ONLY ‘crowd’ around!!

  7. Terry

    WOW!!!! Can’t wait to see the segment. We watch CBS Sunday morning every Sunday. Great show!!!

  8. Rabbit

    Hopefully in post production that will be able to tone down Dave’s shorts. The best part of Woods & Water will be Dave’s famous wardrobe!

  9. Matt

    I hope any of us make it into the show. Its supposed to be short and broad. But Rabbit as you know even if its 30 seconds, thats enough, any more than that is pure gravy.

  10. Texx

    Thankfully that was a mild day for Dave in terms of his traditional boat show wardrobe. I think he has a pair of shorts that he can switch on like Christmas tree lights…

    Looking forward to the CBS Sunday Morning segment. Nice work Matt!

  11. Wilson

    At the risk of sounding uniformed, what is the time slot for this program ? You think the preacher will mind if I try and watch during the sermon ?

  12. Matt

    Hi Wilson, sorry I forgot that. Its on at 9AM until 1030. East Coast time. Its supposed to be on at 920 and I am assuming its about 5-7 minutes. So dont blink or go pee, or ANYTHING.. Infact, Pee at 845 then walk to your barkolounger, and sit. DONT drink coffee, you will have to pee. Just watch. Tell your preacher your praying in front of the Mahogany alter this sunday.

  13. Michael Hagan

    Great news for us Woody People.
    I was thinking about your post on the Coranado from Okobiji. There are tons of classics that seem to have originated from the great Blue Water Lakes of Okoboji Iowa. We had a very early Chris and Century dealer thus a lot of nice stuff has both left here and remains.
    I’ve got an idea, let’s have a Boats of Lake Okoboji reunion. It can coincide with our show of 2016. We always gather on the last Friday and Saturday of July. Any body interested. We can make a big deal of it with the media.
    Of course everybody is welcome, just thought this would be a cool theme.

  14. jim g

    Matt, If you are picking your nose. We all know its that stuburn sanding dust that gets up in there and won’t come out. We will back you up and not make fun of you. But if you ate it. Well all bets are off. Good Luck.

  15. Don vogt

    Hope you dont end up on the cutting room floor, Matt, as they say in hollywood. (edited out).

  16. Dave Bortner

    Okay, GAME ON for Woods and Water! Wait ’til you guys who only see me in shorts in the summer get a load of my long pants!