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We are thrilled to have you here. Eight years ago this was just a passing thought. I wonder if its possible to do a story on Classic Boats every day of the year? And now over 4,000 stories later, you are here after watching us on CBS Sunday Morning. WOW!


Come on in, the waters warm!

So let us introduce ourselves to you. First. Hi, Hello, Howdy, Kia Ora, Guten Morgan, HI Y’all, Yo!  On any given day there are over 6,000 folks coming to Woody Boater, and over 250,000 a year. Clicking and sniffing varnish around 2.5 million times a year.

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Everyday, 24/7/365 we do a new story and have the best of the best that the Classic Boating Culture has to offer right at your finger tips. From Hagerty Marine Insurance, Amazing Clubs, Brokers, Restorers from Katzs Marina in New Jersey to Sierra Boat Co in California, and Antique Boat Center right in the center of it all, even stunning new Hacker-Crafts and objective advice. Supplies like the best varnish. My god you can not live life without Pettit  And a special huge shout out to our Web host WP Engine for standing by if the cops are called and we crash the site!


Speaking of engines. We even have that with VanNess Engineering And the banner to the upper right with the woman standing on a Chris Craft Cobra, (NO HEELS) is the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club banner and there forum. It’s a fantastic resource. On the lower left of the page is the ACBS Logo, and event calendar, below that are local chapters of the Antique and Classic Boat Society. ACBS. These are fantastic folks that will be with you on your journey into this amazing world. We don’t have a sponsor we don’t do business with ourselves here.

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Gull LAke CBS HEader


If you are still wondering about our bad grammer and general bad everything, go to the ABOUT section, we explain it all there, their? . We also have a FACEBOOK account, heck the Amish even have a facebook account, why not us? YOU CAN LIKE US RIGHT HERE.


You can also sign up for emails each morning around 7 East coast time for the story of the day, All that stuff is at the bottom of the page in blue. We do twitter, but really not all that active, and for the kids, anyone under 40, we have Instagram. Look up Woody Boater. Anyhooo.

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Thanks for visiting, come on back tomorrow, Monday. Texx and Dane Anderson are reporting live-ish from Gull Lake Minnesota with some AMAZING  boats. And throughout this week we are featuring all sorts of special stuff to keep you here.

Gull LAke 2015 -2


Visit the comment section below this story today for a big party for all Woody Boaters! It can be the most fun part of any story and say howdy. And to our regulars, please shower and clean up and say “Hi Ho” to our new BFF’s, Maybe some celebs will show up?

Varnish Coffee bisotti

Thanks again for checking our little town of Woodyboaterville out. Hang around and have a warm cup of Varnish Coffee, and party.

Gull LAke 2015  Penn YAn

Woohooo, get out there, the water is great.

Here is the segment from CBS!

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78 Responses to “A Welcome Party Today For Woody Boater CBS Sunday Morning Boaters. UPDATE NOW WITH THE SEGMENT!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski

    A big Hello to all the WoodyBoaters from all of your Michigan friends. It’s good to hear Matt and Texx toot their horn for all the great work they do. Congrats on this classic boat loving thing you have built over the last eight years. Now get out there and get ’em wet!

  2. m-fine

    Good morning from Keuka Lake, NY. We have 5 working boats (always a small miracle) but no TVs so I will have to hope the Tivo is doing its job. In the meantime, there’s bacon to be fried.

    Oh, and thanks for the prominantly displayed Penn Yan Swift photos. A local classic for those for whom a Chris Craft was well out of reach.

    • Eric

      This Swift was a “gift” from our neighbors on Lake Minnetonka, originally from Fulton, NY. It’s fun to have it here in the Midwest, draws out the northeasterners.

  3. Matt

    Oh brother, just saw a teaser for the show and Bortners pants took over the shot! HA.

    • Wilson

      Saw it too at the opening of the show…Great shots ! Looks like full story will be on later…

  4. Wylie

    It’s great to step back in time everyday here on woodyboater, today we get to share it with a national audience. Thanks for making a Thoroughbred the header of the show. 🙂

  5. matt

    Well that happened quick! Great story on the culture! Congrats to all. What fun.

  6. DudetheDog

    Congratulations on 8 years and the CBS pub. You’re a great ambassador of our lifestyle.

  7. Bill Hammond

    Well Matt, you never looked so good! Great presentation!! And Algonac shined!!!

  8. Greg Lewandowski

    Matt, as leader of the WoodyBoater universe, you did us proud. Algonac rules!

  9. Wicked Wahine

    Mahalo CBS, Matt, and Texx. I’m having your Emmy chromed and polished.

  10. Carla

    What a great way to start my Sunday!! Fabulous segment on classic boating…Matt, Dave, Pete, Wayne and many others, THANK YOU! Love this hobby!! Welcome to the new Woody Boater readers…you will definitely be hooked to WB!

  11. Wilson

    Wow !…On earlier than expected…Glad I got to see it…Matt and Woody Boats have made the big time….Haven’t had so much exposure since On Golden Pond…which was replayed in part this morning…Great job CBS !!!

  12. Matt

    I am still in shell shock. Surprised to be on. BTW as of 945 AM today we are at 4500 views on Woody Boater. its a good day for all of us.

  13. Gene porter

    You and your team deserve a big gold star for putting our hobby on national news in such a superlative manner.
    Bravo Zulu

    • Dennis Mykols

      Dang, almost didn’t recognize Matt, he had his hair combed an all..

      • Matt

        HA, I match my new WECATCHEM Chairs. Who says stripes and plaid dont mix

        • Bobbi Wendt

          Love the plaid + stripes. You should inspire Bruce Bildsten to produce a throw like that…Yummy.

          • Matt

            I agree, Bruce thats the pattern for the WB Blanket! Its a killer simple plaid that I had never seen.

  14. Bob Kays

    Great job Matt and all the woody boaters in Michigan! Welcome to all the CBS viewers, you will love it here in Woody Boatervile.
    Here is “Thayer IV: in her retirement home of Lake Hopatcong, NJ after her Oscar winning performance !

    • Matt

      Thanks bob. Both the mail boat and the main picture boat are in loving hands for sure at katzs marina

      • Jeff Thom

        Great job on CBS, Matt, representing our wood boating culture. Keep up the great work! I hope to see you at Gull Lake.

        By the way, THAYER IV 1802, (called by you the most well-known On Golden Pond movie boat) remains in loving hands as part of our family in MN, as well.

  15. m-fine

    Thanks to the modern web I was able to watch on my phone. Great job guys, that was a very well done piece. I was very surprised to see I made a cameo appearance since I was not at Algonac this year. It is the first time I have been on a news program without the words “wanted” “arrested” or “charged.”

  16. Don Ayers


    That was a fantastic piece. Hats off to Reed the producer. Very tight with maximum impact.

    Great for our hobby.

    Great job Matt. The camera loves you!!!

  17. James Zimmerman

    Please put out a Calender with Classic boats and Classic gals…..
    Love the Chris-craft and your website….

  18. Eric

    Congratulations on the national TV coverage. Thanks for all the hard work and time you folks put in on WB! I see an Emmy nomination in your future Matt!

  19. Jamie Smith

    Well done Matt and crew. You gotta know that your Canadian neighbours loved the show. Congratulations … fabulous!

  20. Derk Brill

    Outstanding feature Matt. I’ll be interested to hear how it affects traffic on the site. Great work on all our behalf!

  21. Tim Robinson

    Matt, it is all fame and fortune now. With that facial hair and good looks you are on your way to Hollywood. I here there is a Father and Son boat restoration team in So Cal who do nice work.

  22. Darthtrader

    “And the award for best short about Wooden Boating, the award goes to Matt Smith.” Good job Buddy! Take the Boatress to dinner and then get busy on tomorrow’s Header!

  23. Bob VandeVusse

    Weigh to go Matt, Texx, Boatress, (you know you couldn’t have done it without her!) and everyone els. What a grate testimony to the lifestyle. This was just the antidote I needed for the disappointment of the Holland show being reigned out yesterday.

  24. Tuobanur

    Great stuff Matt, many thanks to you and all that help make WB what it is, WAY TO GO!!!

  25. floyd r turbo

    Heard in Woodyboaterville, “okay that’s a wrap”. Great job, kudos to your makeup artist, lol and welcome to our new viewers, we’ll be gentle with you for the next couple of months but after that, your rookie status is over. Matt, had you known the context of the other segments you could have provided Dick Cheney with a wooden drift boat instead of that tub he was in and explain how Higgins boats built in New Orleans could have provided much needed assistance and rescue services to Katrina victims. So what’s next, Late Night with Steven Colbert, Tonight show with Jimmy Fallen, the Today Show with Matt Louwer? Better get busy on producing a WoodieBoater tie for those formal occasions.

  26. Denis D

    Kudos on a great score Matt. I imagine it took a lot of networking on your end to get them interested in producing the segment. Loved the mix of old and new video and the well done commentaries.

    Oh, and the nod to On Golden Pond was well deserved since your new ride “WECATCHEM” came from the lake featured in one of the scenes.

    Denis D

  27. Al Campbell

    Way to go Matt! Your passion for wood boats radiates throughout the CBS video. And it’s infectious. You know, I think I’m appreciating my own wood boat Wilcat Cafe just a little more if that’s possible. Cheers

  28. Ron - Seattle

    Matt, nice to see you on my favorite award-winning TV program of many, many years. In fact, you have great presence and an excitement that showed on camera. Kudos to you, Texx, and everyone who makes WB what it is…remarkable!

  29. Dick Dow

    Great job! Nice to see a few familiar boats captured on screen and the wonderful enthusiasm and love for our hobby shining through!

  30. philip Andrew

    BRILLIANT! Love your passion Matt. You represent many many people on the planet with your enthusiastic description of what it is to own one of these boats. Thank you.

  31. Randy

    Matt, you did an absolutely great job presenting our hobby and passion!

    Next up — WoodyBoater The Movie!!!!!!!

  32. Rabbit

    Fantastic job, Matt. Especially liked that opening line. And Dave Bortner did not disappoint with his choice of shorts. I also found it amusing when talking about Chris Smith, the camera zoomed in to cut Gar Wood out of the shot. I guess we shouldn’t expect the non initiated to even know who he is.

    • Matt

      It was a great headline written by you as others may recall, and made a great opening line. Thanks Bruce.

  33. Bob Men

    Great job Matt and Texx and WB crew! Watched the segment this morning with a toasted bagel and coffee. Perfect way to start a Sunday morning.
    BTW for those interested in a great Woodyboater calendar contact Bob Kays. His photos are superb.

  34. Gail Turner

    What fun to watch this! Congratulations on this wonderful story. It sure defines a wonderful era……that continues on. Well done!

  35. Flash

    Look how much fun he is having playing in that blue water as we cruise along. Love this!!!!

    • Flash

      My other picture got deleted. Maybe this one is less offensive of a 7 year old enjoying the ride in the back of a Super Sport.

      • Matt

        Hi Flash I deleited it because the shot was a blob of digitized stuff and was confusing. Oh the magic of the web. This is great. Matt

        • Flash

          I figured it was the Chinese food ad from the CBS site. This was taken off of the TV. Great clip today and I’m glad to see all of the traffic this small story generated.

          We all know that as the median age of those in this hobby is increasing quickly, we need more attention and interest, especially from a younger crowd that can introduce more children to the magic of Classic Boating. I am working on something to lead this charge. Stay tuned.

          • Matt

            We just broke 18,000 views today and are on the way to 20,000 for one day. Sundays can be slow days here. Not this one thats for sure. My fingers are getting tired. HA.

          • m-fine

            So what are you going to do tomorrow to top this? 🙂

            Flash, I had a busy day working on the next gen. Took three kids to the Finger Lakes boating museum this morning (got a lot of shots that I will submit to Matt & Texx for a winter filler story) and then took four kids out for lessons on operating a little rowboat with a 9.9 outboard. Big smiles. They also suggested we replace the aliminum row boat and get a classic woody to put the 9.9 on. Further evidence that even kids have some taste.

  36. Matt

    By the way an Update on traffic to WB. Looks like as of 6 pm east coast time we are close to 16,000 views. Thats 10,000 more than a huge day. We are estimating that close to 20,000 will hit today. WOW, along with the 5 million on CBS that watch, and we have had some wonderful exposure of the culture today. Also of note, ALL the sponsors have seen a huge bump in traffic as well. Win win for everyone, and thats what its about.

  37. Rob Lyons

    Matt, What a fabulous job in capturing how all of us feel and shouting it out to everyone in TV Land. Your passion is absolutely CONTAGIOUS, Thanks for being our voice (and of course image.) Also a special thanks to your supporting cast of Pete, Dave and Wayne. How much fun much that have been!!!!!!!

  38. MikeM

    Great Job this morning, Matt. My wife was proud to tell me she had a cup of coffee with you when I came up from the shop! When we backed up the DVR and I saw the spot on old vacuums I thought we were in trouble. However, with “every turn of the prop” you just kept on “nailing” it. Great Piece. Thanks for all your hard work on this site and in the hobby.

  39. Pete DeVito

    Great Job to you and all the WB crew. The CBS segment was perfect this morning and I know it will attract some new members to our hobby.
    Thanks for all you do for our hobby.

  40. gesfour

    A great segment! Made me wish I was on my boat right now! Hats off to all involved.

  41. MikeM

    All this traffic reminds me of the Woodyboater Shootout, where my original Century Arabian beat Alex’s heavily restored Chris Craft XK in an online vote by your readers. The most heavily commented story in WB history if my memory serves me. Ah, the Mighty Arabian. Ride a Thoroughbred! Giddy up.

    • Alex

      Was it karma that caused a giant tree to fall on your boat after that story?

      Or just another from a long line of angry beavers?

      • MikeM

        Ha. Funny you should mention the tree incident. While its true Matt mentioned that the lake was lined with trees of wood, it is a little known fact that in the mid 50’s Century experimented with a genetically modified fiberglass tree. Ask Tommy Holmes….he knows all about it. Anyway, the Mighty Arabian was built of one of these special trees. Needless to say, all the wood trees have had it out for her ever since. One day when we least expected it, BAM. But don’t worry, the Mighty Arabian is back in action and prettier than ever! We owe much thanks to Carla and Hagerty as well!!

  42. Kentucky Wonder

    Great to see all our friends and their boats featured this morning. Had to record and watch it later. Glad they edited around the rain showers, and made the report look sunny. Remember, it’s always sunny and warm in WoodyBoaterVille.

  43. Troy in ANE

    Just catching up here on morning. Took Sunday off from Cyber-Space to go boating.

    Great piece, missed it on CBS, glad you attached it here.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  44. John Rothert

    Absolutely GREAT show….I never expected as long and nice a segment. Matt was perfect ( a never before achieved status…), mfine got his pic on there too…..and they started talking about Chris Smith with a flash pic of Gar Wood…..completely appropriate for back in the day ……
    inspirational to those of us with boat problems…..

    John in Va.