Brian Robinson from Robinson Restoration in Fallbrook, California breathes a sigh of relieve after “Evangeline” is safely tied up at the dock at Bar Harbor.

REPORTING LIVE FROM THE BAR HARBOR SUPPER CLUB at Gull Lake, Minnesota – the 2015 Woods and Water Boat Show is now under way! It absolutely jam-packed with classic boats from around the country.


130 of Evangelines best friends are at Bar Harbor to celebrate the 2015 Woods and Water show. (Jim Arneson photo)


Mark & Barb Anderson from Gull Dam Brewing polishing up their Chris-Craft Carpi for the big show.

Stay tuned for more daily updates from Bar Harbor.


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5 Responses to ““Evangeline” Has Arrived At Bar Harbor To Join More Than 130 Her Close Friends”
  1. John Ulrich

    The Friday night event was epic! No sure I can sleep tonight while I process all I saw.

  2. Russ Roque

    I’ve not seen so many wonderful wooden boats in one place. The weather is great and this morning was beautiful with the fog.

    • Linda Wright

      Thank you to who ever took this picture. Two of David,’s boats together in such a beautiful setting. This picture makes my heart swell and my eyes cry.


  3. Linda Wright

    If it had not been for Robinson Restoration this picture would have not been taken. They did a fantastic job finishing the boat and fulfilling David’s dream.
    Thank you Tim and Brian from the bottom of my heart. I love you guys.