Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.07.52 PMThanks to Woody boater Christopher Stang for sending in this wonderful story from South Carolina, reminding us that the best boating of the year is right now! Take it away Christopher.

Beaufort Trip 2015

While everyone was enjoying what looked to be a spectacular week at Woods and Water, a couple of us down south decided it was time to take Adele, our 23-foot Lyman runabout for a cruise. A little back story, Adele has just come out of a deck restoration and motor swap. She has been upgraded from a 1959 Graymarine 250 cubic inch block to a 1962 Graymarine 327. Besides the actual engine rebuild, all work was done in-house. While she still needs more attention in the coming months, the motor was in and the leaks were minimal, let’s take a ride!

south Caro 1

Headed to Beaufort

The trip was set to run the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) south from Charleston, South Carolina 70 miles to the town of Beaufort. The trip meanders through some of best salt marsh in the country, including the ACE basin National Wildlife Refuge. Many people consider the South Carolina ICW the most beautiful section of the entire eastern seaboard. We left at 1PM and promptly cracked a few cold ones to get the trip started.

One of the first rules of any boat trip is to have as many or more women on the boat than men. This simple rule will assure a quality trip by simply always having attractive people around you. Luckily, my wife Lindsey and I had our friends Jayne and Andrew to accompany us.

South Carolina2

My wife Lindsey and Jayne riding on the engine box, a favorite seat.

The weekend was a little overcast but winds were calm and temperatures in the low 80s so all was good. The trip down took about four hours at a comfortable 18-20 mph, a perfect speed for the Lyman.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.06.40 PM

Loaded down with people and proper sundries and still a pretty clean wake. Jayne’s husband Andrew looking comfortable at the helm.

Of course there is a short video of the fun so you can feel what it was like to be on the boat!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.06.54 PM

It’s hard to drive with two beautiful things in your hand. Somehow, I managed.

Beaufort arrived without a hitch and we walked 5 short blocks from the marina to our rental house. Beaufort is a wonderfully quaint town with a waterfront park adjacent to the main street and the restaurants and bars are right downtown. Maybe too many bars, as I don’t have any pictures of town! Saturday was spent exploring the creeks and waterways in the surrounding area. The sun came out for a while and Station Creek spectacular.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.07.04 PM

Fish camps along the creek. No power or water; what a way to get off the grid.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.07.15 PM

Sun’s out, guns out!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.07.26 PM

Shelter Creek, a wonderful place to cruise

Sunday it was time to return after a nice brunch downtown. Adele never missed a beat and too soon did we arrive in Charleston.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.07.43 PM

Janye and Andrew with all eyes to the bow.

For those interested, we averaged approximately 2.2 mpg, 7 gph, 180 total miles. Good people, good food and drinks, and a wonderful ride on the Lyman. Adele seemed truly happy to be back in water cruising people around as she has done for at least 2,200 hours since 1959. That’s a lot of memories for what, I am sure, is also a lot of wonderful people. I know we were all glad to be a part of the trip and a part of her history.

-Christopher Stang

Thanks Christopher, also this is a great time to Announce that next year we will be focusing on our Southern Woody Boaters. Stay tuned for some fun announcements on that. Now get out there if your up north, Winter is tomorrow!

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20 Responses to “Charleston To Beaufort In A Lyman!”
  1. Bill hammond

    Great Story! Great video! Exactly what I needed to see this morning!! Now for my Coffee and to rewatch the video!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  2. m-fine

    “Now get out there if your up north, Winter is tomorrow!”

    You aren’t kidding. I have a car full of antifreeze and fresh oil. Pulling the boats and winterizing today and the docks are getting pulled on Wednesday.

  3. Troy in ANE

    Nice to see people out there, thanks for the story.

    I’m in the same mode as m-fine. Checking tide charts to see about pulling moorings and Gottago. Yorktown is already in the barn.

  4. Mike K

    pretty lyman! pretty area, thanks for sharing.

    question; 4hours, 2 girls, cold ones……….. is there a head on that boat?

  5. Doug Pope

    We had a trip on the Kennebec River planned for today but it’s 44 degrees and blowing 20. Hoping for a last gasp cruise next weekend.

  6. Jeff Funk

    Young people enjoying a boat that is older than they are. You gotta love it. I think the boat loved it just as much.

  7. Bernie

    Christopher & Lindsey,

    Restoration looks great. Hope to see you on the St. John’s next March. I have already booked my lodging for the month. My Lyman is covered till spring. Looks like you changed your preference in beverage, at least for that day.

  8. Royce A. Humphreys

    Chris and Lindsey, great to see your Lyman back in the water! We missed you in the St. John’s cruise last Spring!
    Great to hear about a neat trip in the Charleston area. Cheers!

  9. Wilson

    Great story…Glad you didn’t plan that cruise for this weekend.

    Looks like Gene Porter got up early today as he already had this story reposted in an e-mail…Gene likes Lymans.

    Incidentally there is a great picture of “True North” on my wife’s screen saver

  10. km

    Why is it that glasses. bottles and cups seem to be synonymous with boating>

    • Troy in ANE

      Ever notice how many boats are named after some sort of alcoholic beverage?

  11. Paul H.

    Great story! Karen and I rode with the Stang’s one year on the St Johns river Cruise, and with three regular people and one lard-ass plus gear(?) in the boat, the tired old 135HP was huffing pretty good. A stately rate of passage slowed to something other….so, the new period correct engine is a great choice.

    Adele is a lovely boat, and the Stang’s great folks – seeing reports of these trips and how the boats are being used and enjoyed is wonderful. I am only 6 months older than my youngest boat, and Jeff’s comments about boats being so thoroughly enjoyed by people MUCH younger than the boat is bang on.

    Chris & Lindsey – thanks for the report and the story, and the commitment you have to keeping Adele not only on the water, but fully in the game! We hope to see you in Fl this spring, on the river again!

  12. John Bailey

    Reporting from the most northerly tip of Door County, WI, the last cruise last Sunday was 70 degrees and great sunshine. This weekend, 52 degrees, clouds and the wind at 25 out of the NNE. Winter (technically Fall) has come to Lake Michigan.

    Looking out at Death’s Door/Porte de Morts (that is the proper name for our part of the coast line, as can be read on Wikipedia) toward Washington Island with waves crashing over our concrete and steel sheet piled dock and all along the bluff, we are pleased to report our WoodyBoat is safely on a trailer and in storage. Any time from mid September on, Lake Michigan can be a fickle and change on a moment’s notice.

    • Texx

      Thanks for the update John. Our friend Tommy Holmes crossed Lake Michigan on the SS Badger to attend the recent Woods and Water show in Minnesota. Tommy noted that the ferry was “rockin & rollin” during the four hour voyage from Michigan to Wisconsin. Even for a tough guy like Tommy, that got his attention…

  13. Troy in ANE

    It seems that on our cocktail cruise tonight Sandi thought it was winter already.

  14. Matt

    And we are here in reedville waiting for the news of gloom and doom to come true. I gotta stop watching cnn. We have gotten a ton of tide water but not the “historic” flooding yet. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be the worst of it. Maybe I can convert the sportsman to mow the lawn!

  15. Texx

    The lady in the header shot today (Lindsey) is wearing an Augusta National cap. One of the greatest places on earth.

    I had the pleasure of attending the Masters for an entire week in 2006, and can say it was an experience of a lifetime. – Texx