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Todays Story!

Well, its been 8 years of non stop reporting and today will be no different. Right now I am reporting from a kitchen table in the dark with 10 people in the house that all stayed up all night so I have to type with a soft touch. Its dark ish. So…you ask, what does this have to do with classic boating? Nothing.


Historic Plaque on the house. I wonder if we should do these on boats?

This weekend, we are celebrating my youngest sons last day of collage! He graduated. Between two boys and now two degrees at out of state collages, all over a 6 year period, I want to dance outside.

Ham Helm

My son, at the helm this summer of WECATCHEM

They did it. It’s not easy these days, and not for the faint of heart in the old wallet area. As I noted to myself. Like restoring a nice Barrel Back, EACH YEAR! So today, post your boats in the comment section so no one gets disappointed. Bob, if you don’t mind throw a Katzs Marina image in there for Dave!

Kays header

Not Savannah, but a shot from Bob Kays of the Main Lake Market to keep the story today on classic boats. Kinda.


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28 Responses to “Shhhhh, Reporting Live In The Dark From Savannah”
  1. Bob Kays

    November at Katz’s.
    Matt, now you can buy another boat! Congratulations to your son and you and the Boatress.

  2. m-fine

    I have a few more years before that college expense issue pops up. For me this year it was two kids in braces that cost me a nice U22, plus a couple surgeries for myself that cost me a 5200 bottom and my insurance company a barrel back.

  3. Mike W

    It seems so long ago that we were freed. Actually bought this 6 months befor the last one graduated. Guess we are still paying but the satisfaction of doing both is well worth it. I see a cruiser in your future. Congrats!

  4. Gary

    I got the last of two, both, out of graduate school about 6 years ago and now have two grandkids. Add to that, retired a couple years ago and just last month ended/finished being the middle of the sandwich between parents and kids. Finally got started on restoration of a boat that I have had since the mid 90s and have discovered that a lot of grand plans back then were not that grand because of age now!
    I posted yesterday 20 feet of bar clamps and other assorted clamps in that restoration and ‘am thinking WB hasen’t covered bar clamps adequately!

  5. AldenR

    Yup, college payments reduce the boat-building budget to an 8-ft Chris Craft Kit Boat Pram. Building jig pictured.

  6. Roger Martin

    Nothing more exciting then acquiring a cruiser that has been store away for forty years but doing it in a snow storm is not much fun.

  7. John Rothert

    Matt, I don’t see how you do it…..every day…something new….hang in there partner, remember while you are burning the midnight oil …..we are dead to the world but dreaming of waking up to a new story of woodyboater!…..carry on.

    John in Va.

  8. Wilson

    Well, the good news is our kids got out of college so long ago it didn’t cost a fortune then to send them. In fact one daughter celebrated 33 years out of college here at the beach house last weekend with a group of sorority sisters who have now scattered all over the country….And the grand children….The state’s pre-paid education program is the greatest thing since sliced bread…unless getting into West Point like one was able to do…You’d have thought if he was like grand dad and liked boats, he’d opted for the Naval Academy. Enough bragging from here.

  9. Chris B.

    Long past college days. here is Texx standing on the back seat shootin` boats.

  10. Sean

    I have one in year 2 of a 5 year University dual Degree program and the other is close behind in Gr. 10…. The Greavette will need some help in the spring and yes, I will look after ALL my babies!

    It’s nice we can still get out on the lake as a family 🙂

  11. Sean

    Of course this means the 1965 Donzi Ski Sporter restoration will take a little longer…………..

    It’s still cheaper than therapy.

  12. jim g

    I started early. My oldest son goes to boarding school in North Georgia. This year it cost me One 1961 Chris Craft Capri, On 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider and my tax refund.

  13. andreas jordahl rhude

    Congrats on the kid getting college completed (I note you spelled it “collage” !).

    Why do kids have their parents pay for college these days? I paid for all of my schooling. So did my five brothers. My mother gave me a $20.00 bill one time when I was in college. I just about fainted. I actually handed it back to her and asked if she was serious about giving the money to me. She said yes. It was a one time “donation” to my education.

    • Briant

      Andreas, wait a sec. Don’t you live in a European country where the cost of a college education only runs $20 anyways?

    • Bert Harris

      I commend you for paying for your own education ! Even with a Chris Craft, an Alfa and everything else in someone’s garage, a hundred thousand dollar education , a good job that rewards is far and few between. It’s a different world out there. I come from family of self employed that goes back over a hundred years. My Grandfather taught me that I didn’t need a job (one that you punch a time card at). Some of you guys will know what he meant. Most kids come out with six figure

  14. dreed

    Congratulations Matt and family. I noticed that your children followed my kids by not graduating in June (yes I paid for the extra semesters as well.) Thankfully I didn’t have to sell the Woody to get them through…thanks to Raman noodles.

  15. Kentucky Wonder

    Hmmm….Savannah…..son of an ad agency owner…..must have attended SCAD. Savannah College of Art and Design. Fine place to lose track of spelling and math and learn how to make things look good. Keeping up a tradition of artfulness, or just simple genetics?

  16. floyd r turbo

    Woohoo, congrats to your young son, time to celebrate from both perspectives. Having one 5th yr Sr student in IT and another 6th yr Sr Fine Art student who we wish would have graduated sooner but was 4 yrs on the rowing team, Captain of the women’s Team, President of the Rowing Club, and picked by the coach to find a replacement when he retired, and cox of the men’s four’s that holds the school record we’ve been understanding ot these “extensions. For the privelege of participating in that sport we had honor of spending $1000 each season for 4 years until eligibility ran out. Now selected as General Manager of the student run radio station 1 of the top 5 in the country and thankfully a paid position (at university scale) after 4 years of dedicated unpaid deejay airtime having created 4 music programs of different genres to air weekly we now have a late 2016 projected graduation date once all the portfolios are reviewed and accepted. I do have the “benefit” of in state tuition. All my projects are still being held by the sellers, lol

  17. Terry

    Congrats Matt!!! Get some sleep. You surely deserve it. Another story awaits tomorrow. LOVE WOODY BOATER!!!!!!

  18. Tuobanur

    Congratulation Matt, been there done that. 😉
    Here’s a shot from this past July at Lake Joccasse.