streamliner BBQ-2

SandFly BBQ Savannah GA

As you know, we are here down in beautiful Savannah celebrating our sons amazing graduation from SCAD. A fantastic art school, but even more amazing is the town that the school lives in. If your kids or grand kids are into art, you at least owe it to them to come visit. The texture of the city will seal the deal. One of the cool things about Savannah is that it celebrates its history and keeps things going in the way we keep our boats going. With love and respect for the past, and not always taking the easy way.

sandfly bbq-4

the interior is just as hoped for

Let’s talk BBQ. Now down in the south, BBQ is an huge deal. At some point when the BBQ is good at a certain level its all subjective. I will say that the Sandfly BBQ in the Streamliner Diner is AMAZING, and the setting tops it off as one our top ten favorite places to eat in Woody Boaterville.

sandfly bbq-1

You want a gallon of beans with that

sandfly bbq-3

the total comes to….

sandfly bbq-2

As you know, we love the off the grid type food. And this place was a wonderful high-lite to our weekend. BTW we fed over 40 people and everyone was happy, happy, happy. Or maybe it was the gallons of Gin and Vodka? Thanks for putting up with some off topic reporting this weekend.

streamliner BBQ 1

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25 Responses to “What’s The Next Best Thing To A Woody Boat Ride? BBQ!”
  1. Wilson

    There is a diner like that in Palatka for those participating in the St. Johns River Cruise. Not sure they have Bar-B-Q like that but the food was pretty good.

    • floyd r turbo

      Angel’s Diner, Palatka, Fl , oldest diner in Fl. If you’ve eaten there, you wonder how its still standing. The walls are as crooked as a Louisiana politician.

  2. Larry Forget

    CONGRATS on graduation….. Did our Army military service in
    Savannah. Very historic city… Been back a few times for
    Camping visits.

  3. Eric

    First, Congrats to you, Suzy and your son!
    Now let’s play six degrees of separation; BBQ to Wood Boats! This shot connects Savannah Joes BBQ in Kilmarnock, VA to a sunset picnic dinner at pirate island (sand beach off Antipoison Creek) White Stone, VA. BBQ dinner brought to the beach in Wagemaker boat off camera.

  4. DudetheDog

    Congrats Matt, I’m sure you and the boatress are very proud.
    For those who like the “off the grid” type places, try Java Joes in Saint Ignace Michigan, its just a town or 2 over from Hessel.
    A wacky coffee shop that serves pizza

    • Kentucky Wonder

      Java Joe’s is owned by Joe Durm, a Niles High School (Mich.) classmate of my dad. The big rush there is breakfast – lots of great choices. Pictured is niece Kate, who was dared to finish her strawberry french toast, but could not.

      Also in St. Ignace, stop by Manley’s Fish Market, where they have really good smoked seafood. Love their smoked whitefish, both whole and in dip form.

  5. m-fine

    But, BBQ in and old school diner? Sounds like I need to plan a road trip!

  6. Chris

    Congrats! I graduated from SCAD in 2003 and go back quite frequently. Love that place! I did a lot of fishing and boating with friends while down down. Make sure you head over to the crab shack too.

  7. Bill Hammond

    This is why travel in the South is so treacherous!! There’s a great BBQ joint every 5 – 15 miles!!! And you just can’t eat at all of them! But you can’t pass them all by either!! So you have to travel by boat!! That’s about the right speed to not miss too many and also to still guarantee that you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe every state!!

    Congratulations to your Son & you on a great accomishment!!

  8. Al Benton

    I love good BBQ. Southern styles tend to be my favorites. There’s a great BBQ place right on Lake of the Ozarks that has boat docks that brags about their Southern Style BBQ. The place lends itself to combining Woody Boating with a good BBQ lunch. Not too many places like that.

    Congrats’s to your son for his success at SCAD. We’ll excuse you for your break from a Woody Boating story this time.

    • Wilson

      Some say the best Bar-B-Q in the South is at Frogs between Gainesville and Williston, Florida

  9. Tom H

    Try franks Dinner in Spokane, Washington. For Breakfast. It is an old presidential rail road car. No, I don’t have any stock in this company I just loved the wood work and ambiance.

      • George Emmanuel

        Lake Harris is on the Harris chain of Lakes in Eustis Florida. The picture is of the “Hideaway” formerly Little Joe’s Hideaway.

  10. floyd r turbo

    SCAD and its students have added so much vibrancy to Savannah’s downtown district, especially the nightlife off the RiverWalk (their version of Bourbon St.). I organized a 2 day bike ride from Atlanta to Savannah a few years ago and we rode over to Leopold’s Ice Cream when SCAD students rolled in with a flatbed tractor trailer truck, cordoned off the block and gave an impromptu fashion show in honor of Diane Von Fuerstenberg who was an honored guest visiting the school. I think the students/school have done a considerable amount of pro bono architectural support and research saving local buildings adding to the already heavy restoration culture of downtown Savannah. A SCAD pedigree should be quite a door opener for your son’s career. Best of luck to him and now you;ll see dollar bills overflowing Matt’s pockets at the Sunnyland Show now that the bleeding has stopped, lol.

  11. jim g

    I hope you have eaten at the Crab Shack out at Tybee Island. If not you need to go.

  12. Walt

    Good thing the Woodyboatermobile is a full size truck. You needed all of the load capacity to carry all of the BBQ and sides.

  13. Derk Brill

    You have to find Wall’s BBQ in Savannah. VERY old school, plastic covers on the red gingham tables, some of the BEST BBQ in the states, and a total hole in the wall. Oh, and the Crab Shack is awesome as well. Love that city! Congrats, and Happy Thanksgiving!