Classic Boat THermomiterAnd if the answer is yes! Well today on ebay is your lucky day with just one catch! The price! Looking around for prices on these, they are more in the $65 -$85 range. For an opening bid of $150 its gotta be the perfect thing for that certain place in your boat house. Now. I will admit that when looking around, I did not find one other of these. So the price could be right considering that its the only one that we can see.

Classic boat thermometer

And its in nice shape. And .. Its for sale!! NOW. And really, whats $150 bucks these days?Well. $15.37 in 1950’s money. So heck its just 15 bucks. Then again you could buy a house for 10K, and a hotdog for a nickle. So its your call.

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19 Responses to “Not Sure How Cold It Is In Your Boat House? How About A Ohio Jumbo Dial Thermometer?”
  1. Bob Kays

    Bought three at Restoration Hardware about 15 yrs ago, two for the island and one for home. About $25 each.

  2. Rick

    I guess it’s not for Canadian use as it only goes down to -40. Or Vegas for that matter either.

  3. m-fine

    I think that just means if it is below -40 or above 120 you shouldn’t go boating.

  4. Phillip Jones

    Double bubble clocks of this era that I collect are in the 250.00-800.00 range so this is probably pretty close to price point.

    • Phillip Jones

      75 here in Va Saturday and will be warmer today so the temp on that would fit in here 🙂

      • Dennis Mykols

        Warm here in West Michigan also, but foggy and drizzly weather, or as the old time weatherman from Detroit , Sunny Elliot would say, ” Raizzly weather…” High of 60 degrees in mid December in Michigan, and all three boats are stored away, BUMMER…
        RAIN IS A GOOD THING, this time of the year, YOU DON’T HAVE TO SHOVEL IT !!!

    • Steve L

      Ha!…Looks like your just at the framing stage. Your wife’s gonna kill you when you start spilling 5200 on the floor and tracking it into the bedroom.

      • Steve L

        Wait a minute…you have your boat in the great room. You probably don’t have a wife! I love it!

    • Peter. Cross

      Maried 38 years it was here idea this is boat # 2
      First was a 1963 grady white
      The rule is no paint or varnish
      West epoxy is ok
      She has here view I get to rebuild a boat

    • Old Salt

      That’s a great piece of furniture for a great room! What’s knot to like about this interior design?

  5. Frank Miklos

    I saw one of these that said Chris Craft. The boat is a 1968 Century Coronado. This may not be vintage art. I have seen a few vintage items where someone added art at a much later date to add value to the item EBAY… “caveat emptor”

  6. greg wallace

    Notice the weathering on the needle is much more severe when compared with the face graphics.

    • Frank Miklos

      Agreed but still may have been taken at the same time. two different units. I still feel these may have had the art added at a much later date. To add bogus additional value to a plain vintage item. But not 100% sure.