872254053_oIt popped up yesterday and within seconds had a bid on it. And we predict more. This little model has it all. Prerestoric Condition, a cool name. Even a PA hailing port. Mmm do we know anyone in PA that likes Centuries? This little sucker rocks my old boat model love. Is there such a thing as a prerestoric Model?


Is it a Grey Marine?


Seller mentions On Golden Pond. Maybe this was the crash boat?


Looks like Fiberglass to me?


OK, this thing is cool as hell.



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18 Responses to “Oh, There’s Gonna Be An Ebay War For This Century Model!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    I refuse to comment on this comment. “…that looks like the famed Chris Craft Thayer IV from the movie On Golden Pond…”

    Let the bidding begin!

  2. Reddog

    I think it’s turbine powered. The sellers description says Chris craft. But the boat has a century sticker on it. Yea it looks exactly like the On Golden Pond boat. Only its missing the ladder on the transom maybe Pat Curtin would know if it was in the movie. and would that hull number be. l U ?? Cause its less than a foot long. It has some great patina

  3. Rick

    Well at least from yesterday we know where to get that wheel restored. Now for windshield brackets, step pads, vent covers, rudder, bow light, flag poles, correct batteries, mini extinguisher……….

  4. tommyholm

    hey, this Berkerly Sea Bird is only $12
    no cleats, no windshield, no seats, no bumpers

  5. Frank Miklos

    This model started out as a Century Resorter model made by Sterling models of Philadelphia, Pa. the model is around 12″ They also made a 12″ Seamaid, and the more common 27″ Seamaid. All 3 were based on boats from around 1952.

  6. Frank Miklos

    An original 27″ Sterling Seamaid box from the 1950s. the model was re-released in the 1980s. the boat photo was colorized on those boxes.