Well, Dennis and Ed are already here!

It came late this year! But it’s never to late to have a fun office party. So come on by! The entire gang will be here through out the day and hopefully this year  Woodyboatervilles finest wont get called. Also please. Zip gets a little tipsy and doesn’t appreciate the Cheeta jokes.


Yes, we went there!


It’s so good to see Larry again. He’s been the life of the party since he died two years ago.

Come on by, leave a comment or tow. The drinks are on us!


Lily! Moderation Lily!

Cops 2

Woody Boaters finest usualy shows up around 10


Oh Lily! Just a sip at a time.


Woody Gal, and her big Johnson are always the life of the party!

Say hi to each other and have fun!



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67 Responses to “It’s The 5th Annual Woody Boater Holiday Party!”
  1. Rick

    Coffee is ready and there’s eggs and bacon in the kitchen. Pancakes will be up soon.

  2. Troy in ANE

    I can see we are starting off early this year. The Cobbossee gang is gathered and on our way.

  3. Chad Monkey

    It’s early but I’m here to PARTY! I start out this way but always end up flat on my face.

    • Bob Kays

      I just met the wealthy cousin of Chad’s monkey at the party, he is looking for 22′ Sportsman

  4. Greg Seibold

    Are those vintage or reproduction advertising signs with “Woody Gal”? If so are they for sale…otherwise very nice!

  5. Tom

    Ix-nay on the nutmeg sprinkling on your Eggnog. Try a pinch of old varnish dust instead… Ho ho ho!

  6. Ed F.

    It’s great to be among the first to arrive this year! And the weather doesn’t look like it will be a concern for travellers. Dennis and I dressed like that at our 4th annual Boat Shop Christmas Party last year. Along with Ben and Myrna H, we always have that party on the Friday before Christmas and it has grown every year. We had close to a hundred folks drop by last year. The plans for this year’s party were interrupted at the last minute by Ben’s need for bypass surgery. We are happy to report that all went well and he is home recuperating and being the the model patient for nurse Myrna. We will reschedule that party when he is back to full speed ahead. In the mean time it’s great to be attending the WoodyBoater party and we brought some of the Saugatuck Brewery stock we were holding for our party.
    Merry Christmas to Woody boaters everywhere!

    • Wilson

      Myrna–Sorry to hear of Ben’s need for surgery…Glad all went well… Merry Christmas to you both…Hope to see you in (or at ) Tavares

  7. Greg Lewandowski

    OK Gang, the sun just came up and it’s 50 degrees, so the Michigan Chapter is on its way to the party. I just pulled off to the side for Marianne to take a few shots of the other boats on our Christmas Party run. We will be there soon so keep the party going strong. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Marianne and I, and all of the Michigan Chapter WoodyBoaters. See you in Algonac in June.

  8. cenger

    The monkey needs to tell the penguin joke again to really get the party going.

  9. John Rothert

    Well gang Merry Christmas…this is my second attempt at posting today because I can’t ever seem to do the Captcha math…something is wrong…and it ain’t me???
    I would post a pic but I don’t know how.
    Yes friends TODAY I am GOING BOATING! Will installed a new battery tray I made here in the shop for the Scout 30.
    This is my first no chris craft Christmas in over 20 years…
    Best to all Woodyboater friends.
    John in Va.

  10. Arnie

    Downward dog salutation to the solstice sunrise this morning! The sun has turned and the days are getting longer. Party on!!

  11. Sean

    Well, we’re hitting the bottle early today…. and nothing says “party” with Canadian Woodyboaters like maple syrup! Hmmmm. I wonder what mahogany syrup tastes like ? …Varnish probably 🙂

    Merry Christmas to all.

  12. steve bunda

    Ok , Ready in Northern Wisconsin Boat Shop, Beer, Cheese, Deer Sausage, and more Beer.

  13. tommyholm

    Woody Boaters of Northern Michigan. 15th Annual Christmas Lunch at the Painted Lady – where time stands still.

  14. Rick

    These ferry captains say they can get us more booze, tax free, if we need it. wink wink.

  15. Randy

    Unless it gets reallllllllly foggy (previous contractural committment if it is), I have my transportation to the party arranged!

    Merry ChrisCraftmas to all!!!!!!!!

  16. dick dow

    Let’s see – if I can get through the locks without an issue, down the coast, through the canal and across the gulf, up the eastern seaboard – I may make it if this Santa Dust is still good… If not, Merry Christmas to all! Maybe next year 🙂

    • steve stevenson

      L0ok what’s under the Christmas tree for me . A very nice 1956 Switercraft Shooting Star , I must have been a very good boy this year, Merry Christmas to all

  17. Texx

    Another year of good times and fun photos here at Woody Boater. Thanks to everyone for joining in with us. This week Woody Boater is putting the finishing touches on a story for the next Brass Bell magazine, due out in early 2016.

    Photo crew Matt, Dane and Jimmy from the air at Gull Lake. Happy Holidays everyone! – Texx

    • Al Benton

      Texx, Can’t wait to see a Woody Boater story featured in the pages of The Brass Bell.

      Merry Christmas !!!

    • Wilson

      Not sure I can wait until next year to see the Woody Boater story in The Brass Bell…but then I guess I don’t have any choice except to sit hee and bite my nails until then.

  18. Rick

    It’s after 7 am down under, someone go wake up Phil so he doesn’t have to party alone later when we all crash.

  19. Bill Anderson

    Steve I know you haven’t been that good now peg will make you sell your star, this ashtray sits on my desk,, but it is a problem a lot of our wives have,,Bill

  20. tommyholm

    Nice one, Wylie.
    Tommy “Sexist Woody Boater of the Universe” Holm

  21. John A. Gambill

    I’m trying! I’m trying!! I’m trying to get there but the GPS is screwed up! XK is a full tilt but the darn GPS just won’t calibrate, I need a new GPS.
    A very Merry Christmas to all!

  22. Wylie

    Woops, my mistake the award goes to “Sexist Woody Boater of the Universe” Tommy Holm

  23. MikeM

    Show the ladies the elephant trick, Tommy!!

    Merry Christmas WB-ville…..where’s the Scapa and bacon?

  24. Nautilus

    For those of you who missed last year’s party, here’s a shot of some of the guests.

  25. Brian Robinson

    Checking in with my Christmas drink of Tennessee Fire and egg nog. I’ll bee here all night…

  26. Lymehouse

    Laura and I are on our way, just need to navigate 1,000 miles of California Delta, see ya soon.

  27. Brian Flaherty

    Sorry I’m late – it’s a Flaherty tradition!!

    Alsoly, today was my birthday and I typically boycott any holiday related activities on my birthday, but the littlest little and I are willing to make an exception for WoodyBoater!

    This Chris Craft ski boat ain’t gonna make the trip so we’ve commandeered grandpa’s 38′ Tollycraft and hopefully we can make it they Panama before the new year’s party…

    Merry Christmas to all!!

  28. WoodyGal

    Hello all, sorry I’m late! Had a hard time putting on my red boots. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to each & every one of you!