Sanazzy gasp

Snazzy gets her warm on!

Over the holidays its been insanely warm and some fellow woody boaters milked the warmed for all it was worth. Fellow Woody Boater Steven Haines took Snazzy and crew out for a 65 degree Christmas cruise on the CT river.

Mayor gasp

Mike out having!

And fellow Mike Mayor went skimming across the water this afternoon at about 38 degrees Fahrenheit.  Too cold to gasp but a nice ride. And Bob Kays shot this nice restored Chris Craft in New Jersey all over the holidays.

Winter right2

At Katzs

This last gasp shot was posted to our Woody Boater Facebook page yesterday by Lyman Boat. He noted: “Last big steam of the year! Got the whole Koroknay family onboard.”


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11 Responses to “Is It Winter? We Have Had More Last Gasps Than A “B” Horror Movie!”
  1. Tom Payne

    It has been wonderful weather here in the Charlotte area, just very wet and humid, but no heat needed in my shop. Based on the weather forecast I will be varnishing on New Year’s Day as the temp should be fine and the humidity should be low. LOTS more sanding, sealing and prep work to get ready… Good times. This is Mother Nature’s “carbon fiber.”

  2. Al Benton

    Amazing weather for our east coast Woody Boaters. Thanks for that Last Gasp Woody Boat ride on Christmas Day, Steven.

    We are having record setting rain here in St. Louis. Even I-70 is closed just west of here due to high water. Local creeks and rivers are flowing through neighborhoods. The run-off will set new records on the Mississippi River just to our south.

    • Wilson


      How about sending some of that wter down to N. Florida…Our lake is a good 18 inches below where it needs to be.

  3. Mark

    No complaints here in the Northeast. I cut all of my seat plywood outside yesterday. I can’t remember going this long without shutting down the AC.

    One less month of winter is fine with me.

  4. Reddog

    Steve, Very nice little outboard runabout. What kind is it and what size merc. is hanging on the back?

    • Steve Haines

      It is a 1959 Idealcraft 15 Custom with a 1979 50HP Merc on the transom. My daughter Bridget (in the picture ) restored it with some help from us last winter. You can check out the article on Woodyboater from earlier this summer.
      when-you-thought-kids-these-days-just-want-to-play-on-their-iphones-meet-snazzy/ and just to correct Matt’s caption above, Bridget took us out for a ride….

  5. Jim Staib

    Mother nature is reminding us who is boss today. That white stuff is not snow. It’s ice pellets the size of bb’s. Try driving on that. How long till Tavares Troy?

    • Troy in ANE

      Nice to see everyone Last Gasping. I on the other hand am working diligently on Gottago to have her ready for the St. Johns in only 74 days.

  6. John Rothert

    Been BOATING several times in the past week and going again soon…what winter?

    John in Va.