sugar pops coverWell, if you are one of those folks that has everything, I bet you don’t have one of these wallet suckers. Ya know that old box of cereal your mom told you to throw away and you didn’t. Well, see it’s worth something. Thus fueling your hording issues to an even deeper place. And if you don’t have one of these, ya gotta have it. We can almost guarantee you will be the only one in your town with one. And if you own a Cobra, you can bring it with you to the shows.

Sugar Pos CC-1

Now. its unclear as to weather the toy is in the box. We did reach out to the seller to find out. But no answer. So if its not in there, just think…. You have something to search for still. The Toy! The proverbial needle in a Cereal Stack. And don’t even think about that “Nuclear” Propellant!  YIKES!   And you have to compete with all those Wild Bill Hickok Geeks. And trust us, they are out there. Not that this is really Bill Hickok, its an actor who is the vanilla Hollywood Guy Madison version. The 50’s, they were so.. well, white bread. sugar cereal, and Tang living. So see, this box is a box that represents the entire 1950’s. In one box! And that is priceless. All for just $150!


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17 Responses to “A $150 Kellogg’s Chris Craft Cereal Box For The Person That Has Absolutely Everything!”
  1. Rick

    It suggests that the box is full. Bet with all the preservatives the product hasn’t gone bad. I love that one of its selling point is the sugar.

  2. Troy in ANE

    Great find. I wonder if any of the Cobra’s survived.

    “Shot with sugar” What a statement for today’s PC world.

  3. Troy in ANE

    Just in case anyone else is counting, Sandi and I have backed up our departure date for Florida from the 9th to the 6th. That makes it only 38 more days till we leave! (it would be 37 if it weren’t for the darn leap year)

  4. Gary

    Ahhh, here in the land of 10 million raindrops the weather is expected to be clear and 60 degrees today plus the Seattle Boat Show starts this Friday! Guy couldn’t expect it better.

  5. JFKarlson

    The cereal is long gone but these two Century toys (Coronado and an Arabian) have somehow survived.

    • Steve L

      So the box is by a different seller than the seller of the actual toy. What are the chances of both being available at the same time on ebay? This is the perfect storm!

      Now if only you could find some of that “mysterious nuclear fuel”…

      I admire the advertising of the day. The artwork makes it look so good compared to what you would have waited 3 weeks to arrive in the mail. But what can you expect for two box tops and 25 cents.

      • Troy in ANE

        I bet the “nuclear fuel” was just baking soda in a tube. I remember having a diver that worked that way, and swam through the water in the tub.

  6. Chris

    Read the box. It doesn’t come with boat or the surfboard and nuclear fuel. Send .25 cents to.

  7. floyd r turbo

    Sugar laden genetically modified corn, what could be healthier?? Eating the box would have been healthier (and had more fiber content), but fortunately, the didn’t.

  8. Steve Anderson

    “Runs overy 5 mins on 1 fuel charge!”

    Really? What was that stuff?

    By the way, you mentioned Tank, wasn’t that from the space age of the late 60’s and early 70’s?

  9. boat right

    Tang was invented for General Mills in 1957, without association with the space program. It began marketing in 1959, but sold poorly.
    John Glenn then reportedly took some on his Mercury Space mission in 1962. It thereafter became popular.
    It is fair to say that Tang was more of a sixties pop phenomenon.

    Also, that little plastic surf-board would be considered a choke hazard today.

  10. Randy

    Boy, do I remember those nautical toys! Still have one of the Cobra’s around somewhere, plus a bunch of the Century Coronado’s and Arabian’s — you had to mail off to Post Cereal for those.

    • Ollon

      Wonder what an old Wheaties box with Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner is worth these days. You could send away for a replica Olympic Medal. It’s probably stashed in the closet next to that famous Farrah poster somewhere in my old bedroom back on Long Island.

  11. WoodyGal

    Years ago I bought the Cobra and the box on e-Bay, no surfboard. It is pretty cheesy and wasn’t very expensive!

  12. 7FTCWBY

    Finally all my passions rolled in to one piece of memorabilia. Cowboying and Boating with a kick if Sugary Cereal seriously why isn’t there a Buy It Now option for crazies like me.