Gar Wood, Duck Decoy On Ebay. Or Is It Just A Decoy Of A Gar Wood Decoy?

s-l1600-1We have done stories on these decoys before, and here is possibly one on ebay for you do put in your boat or shelf. The little note attached could be the most valuable part of the decoy, if in deed it … Read more

19 Comments on “Gar Wood, Duck Decoy On Ebay. Or Is It Just A Decoy Of A Gar Wood Decoy?

  1. Maybe if it was a Decoy of a Chris Smith Decoy then you could place it on the dash of WECATCHUM.
    Than again you would have to rename her WESHOOTUM.

  2. Well, one definition of the word decoy is “lure or entice (a person or animal) away from an intended course, typically into a trap”. This purported item could easily fit this definition.

  3. Does anyone know if Gar Wood really made duck decoys in the first place? I knew Chris Smith got started that way, but didn’t Gar Wood start building boats from an already established industrial company?

    • Actually it looks more like an Anaheim Duck. Overpriced, no legs, and cant shoot back. Go Kings!!

  4. I haven’t read much about Gar Wood’s history but don’t recall any stories of him ever being interested in duck hunting. Christopher Smith and his brother were professional duck hunters before building boats for a living. He made his own decoys for their business that look much like the one for sale. Gar didn’t know Chris until around 1914 when he became interested in a race boat that Chris built. I don’t think they ever went duck hunting together though.

    • Al – When Matt & I were visiting Harsens Island and the Old Club a few years ago, we did hear some interesting stories (maybe fables) about Gar Wood from back in the day. According to those stories, Gar did like to hunt for birds on occasion – but they were the non-feathered variety…

  5. I am with Al. I thought Gar Wood was into Gar Bage trucks before he got interested in boat racing, long after 1900. The Smiths were into duck hunting before they got into building boats for duck hunting which turned into building boats for racing and profit.

    It seems incredibly unlikely that Gar Wood Boats made any type of duck decoy around 1900, decades before there even was a Gar Wood Boats.

  6. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck

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