IMG_2555Reporting in from Summer in New Zealand, long time fellow Woody Boater Phil Andrews reports in with a short snack report and some wonderful photos to remind us what its like to wear shorts . Take it away Phil.


Hi Matt, the St Arnaud Classic Boat Show was a blast. Some very cool shit at the lake this time. Heres a taste. Let me know if you want more. So he asked, do we want more?


Phils Palameno and Arabian. Phil your Blue Arabian is coming along!


Stunning setting


A nice day on the beach!


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12 Responses to “Live-ish Snack Shots From New Zealand – St. Arnaud Classic Boat Show.”
  1. m-fine

    I want MORE!

    Why do we all stay in the Northern hemisphere for winter, when we could go to Newzealand and have two summers?

  2. Bob B

    Did “Baby Thunder” visit Lake George New York a few years back? Sure looks familiar.

  3. Texcritter

    Wearing shorts? That’s why I’m glad I live in Texas.?

  4. Tim Robinson

    I have visited New Zealand a few times and found it to be a most beautiful place with the most friendly people. What is the name of the lake in the header shot, North or South Island ?

    • Texx

      Tim – Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson Lakes National Park is located (I think) on the north island. – Texx

  5. Wilson

    I know it’s not New Zealand but I sold a Chris 16′ Riviera to a fellow in Sydney back in the 80’s and no has seen it since. Since they can’t find it there, I wonder if it might have made it’s way to New Zealand ??

  6. Brian Robinson

    It’s funny that our normal finger docks only seem to be common in North America.

    • reddog

      in a couple of the pictures I think they must have thought. “docks, we don’t need no bloody docks”

  7. Al Benton

    Ah! But summer is almost over for Phil, and ours is about to begin. Lake Dora in just a few days.

  8. tommyholm

    Phil , your three Thoroughbred Century boats look great. Did you win the Best Century award ? 🙂