The real map!

DC is shutdown due to a metro mess up and traffic will be at a standstill. Florida is not far enough away for sure. We will be reporting Live from Mt Dora and Tavares tomorrow so stay tuned! See you at a rest stop near you. Nothing like towing a boat. You feel every bump in the road!

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21 Responses to “Woohooo! Gone Woody Boating! It May take A While.”
  1. JimF

    I-10 closed yesterday due to flooding. Detour added 200 miles and 4 hours. Why do we do this?!

    • Wilson

      Jim: We are at I-10 and US 27. Hollar ! if you get to Tallahassee around lunch ( or any other) time There is a Cracker Barrell right at that intersection or a Steak & Shake and McDonald’s at the next one 2 miles East at I-10 and US 319. Phone # at the house (850) 562-3767

  2. Tuobanur

    Toot your horn when you come through SC, will be right behind you, well not right behind you but behind you.

  3. Bob Kays

    I hope those pee breaks on the map are rest stops! At least you have a big boat to hid you. Safe travels to all.

  4. Greg Lewandowski

    Love the header with Kabots Habit. Joe would be proud!

  5. m-fine

    Where are all the stops for food? Don’t you need one stop for BBQ for ever two pee stops?

  6. Wilson

    This time tomorrow I’ll be heading East on I-10 headed for I-75 South with grandson. See y’all in Tavares !

  7. Carla

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening. Would love to say I’m bringing the sunshine with me, but not happening! Hoping to grab the pub cycle again…Jim Staib – I’m coming to look for you and all the other “usual suspects”!!

  8. Shannon K

    For once we won’t have to live vicariously through Woody Boater and Texx’s photos! We board our flight Dora-bound in 2 hours!

  9. thomas d.

    I’m leaving tonight at 8pm, drive thru the night hoping the first mate sleeps thru most of her p breaks. west tenn., 14 long hours.

  10. floyd r turbo

    Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to. Day 3 of St John’s River Cruise.

  11. floyd r turbo

    You may want to avoid this gas station restroom, its likely out of t/p .

  12. Wilson

    Matt: Didn’t know what you were talking about DC traffic being all tied up until I saw the 6PM news this evening and the story about the electrical part of the DC subway being under investigation.

  13. Wilson

    ..and now it is Thursday and I’m ready to hit the road to the promise land…See you there !