Size isnt everything! Its the size of your antena that counts. We got us a convoy!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Troy for sending in some great shots from the annual Southbound Cruise in Florida around the big Lake Dora weekend. Which by the way can be milked into around a three week vacation. Lots of cruising, Vintage Boat Races, the show, and more cruising. WOW. Plan ahead for next year, its never to early. Woohooo only 350ish days away! UGH!


What a line up!


Where are the Stars and Stripes? What the?


Mini Gator


That is a fishing pole he is holding? Right? Please?


All the way from Austrailia


Sweet ride.


Great everyday classic


A National treasure.


1960 Forest Johnson Prowler named Tarpon owned by Mike and Ann Matheson of Mt. Dora, Florida – Really Loves us these Prowlers


The Southbound Gang!


Nice day to be cruising in style


Still standing.


Plastic power


Sorry, no Grey Poupon here either. We gots Frenches on this cruise


That chair is a marvel of engineering. The duck tape of chairs.


Great name.


Cool stuff.

ModDSC08400 ModDSC08402

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9 Responses to “One Last Florida Gasp Story – Southbound Cruise Pics!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    Thanks Matt!

    I probably should have sent you some more information along with these pics.

    The first one is Jr. The boat has made the St Johns River cruise more than 25 times.

    And this one is actually Doll Baby. Dr. Wayne is the owner and I think he was from Texas. Has actually taken this boat to the Bahamas and want to go to Cuba in it.

    • Craig

      He hails from Palm Beach and Arkansas.

      Great pictures…great time.

      • Troy in ANE

        Thanks Craig!

        It was you who are from Texas!

        Dang, things get fuzzy when you combine the 3 B’s (Beer, Bourbon, Boating).

  2. Jim Staib

    The white sided picnic boat is a modern Hugh Saint from Florida.
    Here is lunch at the Outback Crab Shack.

  3. m-fine

    Jim, your lunch looks great except it seems to be missing the beer!

  4. Wilson Wright

    This is not the end….there was a Northbound cruise after the Tavares show. Call Gerald Dake for comments and pictures.

  5. Al Benton

    Troy, thanks for the photos, and for a memorable week of river cruising with you & Sandi in

  6. Wayne Elliott

    Thanx for the correction on the “Forest Johnson Prowler” to a modern Hugh Saint picnic launch. The model boat builder who had a booth at the show amazed me by identifying its designer Chas. Jannace, by examining an embroidered picture of it on my shirt. It has many features resembling the Prowler. The builder lives a couple of miles from Jannace in Marland