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Perfect outboard power and trailer

If you are looking for a fun starter boat for the Kids, this could be it. It’s affordable, fun and taken care of and Shown around, will return your money you spent teaching your kids about classic boating. No kids? you can feel like one again in this innocent little Kit boat. New to Woody Boating? this is how a lot of folks started. Smell the varnish, feel the softness of a well sanded finish. Ride on the water the way your parents or Grandparents did. Catch small fish and tell folks they are larger. Its all good in a small simple Woody Boat. Our guess is that it wont make it to the 6 day run. Act Now! You wont regret it.
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 7.55.38 PM The Sticker alone is worth it![/caption

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4 Responses to “Won’t last Long On Ebay Chris Craft Kit Boat”
  1. Steve L

    There used to be a Chris Craft promo film on Utube. It featured a father and son and how easy it was to build one. Very cool video but doesn’t seem to be on there anymore?

    • Al Benton

      The CCABC offers a DVD that includes that Kit Boat film strip on it along with other films from the late 20’s and 40’s for a small donation.

  2. Troy in ANE

    Those flashlight bow lights are sooooooo cool!

    Whoever buys this should but some sort of pad or rings under that engine or she will go in the drink eventually.