Its beutiful. Look at that grain

In what has to be one of the nicest vintage speed boat models out there on ebay. The bidding was brisk, and in huge chunks. Jumping to $380 in just a couple hours. Multiple bidders and then stopped. Did we all get smart and wait for the inevitable last second snipe fest? Or is this the value of the model? Regardless. Are you one of the bidders? I stopped at $200 and it kept going. What does the peanut gallery think its worth?


This is the real deal and amazing


Every detail is in place. Man oh man. Its perfect


Aged wood looks perfect



Just the right size and could go in the family room. THIS IS ART

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19 Responses to “OK, Who Am I Bidding Against Here.”
  1. Old Salt

    I think the peanuts gallery will go nuts over this model…

    Just saying…

  2. Alex

    It’s cool, but not for me. Boating season is behind, and ahead, and behind, and ahead, and… well, you get my point.

    Besides, if I buy something this frivolous, my wife will feel the need to counterbalance it by buying more pillows. Ever see a house busting at the seams with pillows? Practically need a leaf blower each night just to remove the ones from my side of the bed.

    • Dennis Mykols

      Now that’s funny right there… lol, lol

    • Richard Gambino

      Our wives must know each other! Exactly what is it with women and pillows? I don’t get it.

  3. Wolfgang

    How about a house busting with purses and shoes?

  4. Bilge Rat

    Hand carved solid hull, looks like hand fabricated hardware, a very interesting electric motor and its not been abused by kids. Love the flush flat head brass screws attaching the deck. I can see this easily approaching the $1,000 mark in the last 3 seconds of sniping.

  5. Bill

    lets go scale here, looks to be about 1/10 scale. wouldn’t you go 10K for a real boat that nice Matt.

  6. Bill

    Matt, I also notice you didn’t link to the auction, what you don’t want competition?

  7. John Rothert

    Matt, auction advice: never stop on even money….
    add something odd like
    $3.76 above even money….cuts out the chumps sometimes.
    Great model though…..jump back in….

    John in Va.

  8. floyd r turbo

    Looks like the hatches were for batteries but the electrical connections never were installed? Wonder if there is some stamp on the electric motor that would identify year. Has to have been built in late 20’s or early 30’s based on hull shape and windshield details. Another mystery to be solved.

    I like my painted hull below but the picture of the tumble home and rest of hull detail don’t do it justice. I wonder what my windshield would have looked like?

  9. Troy in ANE

    Great looking little boat.

    Bidding would go higher if the “Hand Model” were wearing a bikini.

  10. Dan T

    Waste your money on the big boy toy. Yes, I have at least twelve pollows on my bed. I only use one

  11. RiverRat

    My First Mate also procures pillows for the boats. I have heard it said that you can never be too rich, too skinny or have too many pillows. One out of three ain’t bad, right?

  12. thomas d.

    someone wanted a model real bad, $2125.00, crazy.