Woody Motor home-1

The Varnish Van?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Dennis Hansen from Michigan for sending us in photos of this..well… this… well…Woody Motor Home? That’s some woody motoring! Take it away Dennis.

woody motor home 2

We’re Mahogany Motoring, Its a Winabarko? We are taken the RV to the RivA?

Jim Barthel, the owner, says it takes twice as long everytime he gets fuel, just like many of us with our boats every time we stop.  He winters in Texas.  This picture was taken in Baraga, Michigan this past week. So here ya go. let the comments roll!

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13 Responses to “And Now For Something Completely Different – A Woody Moterhome!”
  1. Troy in ANE

    That would be GREAT parked on the water front in Tavares!

    I must say it brings new meaning to the term “Panel Van”.

  2. Rick

    Hmm. Maybe if the grain ran horizontally and had some white striping.

      • Stan Petersen

        It looks like a Winnebago that has been skinned with okoume. (spellcheck?)

  3. Fairbreezes

    We are in total agreement with today’s header, It’s just not a boat ride, it’s a therapy session. This is our first therapy session of the season!

  4. Mike U

    Eliminate real estate taxes and income taxes (TX) and you too can afford a woody RV. Personally, I would have gone with cedar – I wonder if it’s paneled inside too?

    • Dennis Hansen

      Was not invited inside how it was finished, but then I didn’t ask either Was fun to see.

  5. Darthtrader

    I bet he got a deal on some 4×8 sheets of luan, and needed a winter project. Wooden you know that thing has more rear overhang than an ex wife. To be right with the world and balance things out however, it should tow a fiberglass boat

  6. Randy

    … nothing new here — the CC kit boat line included a travel trailer for a short time. Hmmmm, I wonder if that could have been mahogany planked?????

  7. Jake from State Farm

    I haven’t seen over hang like that since Kim Kardashian